March 2nd, 2014

interplanet janet

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If the cataract surgery improves my vision sufficiently, I'll be able to do something I've been wanting my whole life: glow-in-the-dark stars on the bedroom ceiling. I've never done it because I can't see a darn thing with my glasses off, but it might finally be possible.

I wonder if there's a way to do accurate constellations, like a stencil. If my eyes make it worthwhile, I'll look into it.

angry, angry Elmer Fudd

The Pharmacist and His Manager

I forgot to mention that, when I phoned the CVS store to find out the name of the store manager (so that I could cc him on the letter), the manager practically begged me — repeatedly — to let him handle it, rather than writing a letter to the corporate office. Three separate times, he pleaded with me to wait and see if he could "resolve the situation to [my] satisfaction" before "taking it to the next level." I told him that I really doubted that he could do anything to rectify this particular person's attitude or behavior, and so I would rather just write the letter.

His frantic efforts to get me to keep mum made me think that sending a letter to the corporate office might actually have some effect, even if it is only to get the manager in trouble for hiring that particular pharmacist.

I generally think of such letters as simply a way of getting something off my chest & don't expect that they will have any real impact in corporate America, but it would be nice if this store manager's fear was justified & my letter actually has the power to make something happen.