February 23rd, 2014

dreams, insomnia, sleep

Dream: Marathon

I dreamt last night that I was running a marathon. There were lots of people, all different sizes and shapes, wearing all different kinds of clothes, like they just stepped in off the street. The course was on a paved road, but it went through city and country, over hills and through tunnels, all kinds of stuff.

Not long into the marathon, I noticed that I was running with this particular group of very fit young guys, like maybe 5 or 6 of them. We were all just jogging along together while some people went racing on up ahead ("Gonna wear themselves out early," I thought.) and other people lagged behind, just walking.

The hills were often very steep, so whenever we hit a downhill patch, I would jog/run much faster, because it was easy. It felt effortless. My Strong Fit Young Guy Coterie would just continue their steady pace at these times, but I would run on ahead of them until the downhill evened out and I rejoined them.

We eventually got to the end of the race, and it was just me and this one guy from my clique. He was ahead of me, and we were running together up this staircase into this weird turret in some crazy house. We weren't competing with each other, though, just running together, but he just happened to be ahead of me on the stairs, so he got to the "end" before I did.

So this guy and I stood in this strange turret room, full of tables and desks and papers and framed stuff on the walls, very cluttered, and we waited for the end of the race to be declared, but nothing happened. We kept looking around, confused, but nothing. So eventually we went back down the stairs and kept trying to figure out what was happening, and then I learned (in that magic way that you learn things in dreams) that someone else had won the race. It was this really stupid girl from my high school (no one I know in real life, but I think her name was Donna in the dream), and I was aghast that such an idiot had been able to figure it out when we couldn't. It turned out that there was some kind of puzzle up in that turret room, and if we had solved the puzzle, then we would have phoned a particular phone number, and that would have won us the race. So this stupid girl and her stupid friend called the number, and they won. (When did this turn into a race in which there were two winners instead of one?)

I wasn't upset at not winning, just upset that the race had been won by morons who probably only figured out the puzzle by accident. I certainly wasn't upset with myself (though there was a certain "Doh!"-variety facepalm reaction), though I did think, "Sheesh. If only we'd noticed the puzzle!" I was kind of amusedly shaking my head at myself, but not feeling particularly bad.

So, anyway, life is a marathon, right? I'll think about it more later, but right now I have a lovely husband waiting downstairs for me, wanting to spend some time with me in our lovely weather. That sounds far more lovely than dream interpretation at the moment.
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