February 19th, 2014

beyond your front door

I can't see clearly now, the cataract's not gone

I've discovered that I can save online fanfics as epubs & load them onto my Kobo e-reader (thank you, Katherine and Jay!), which allows me to control the font size (which I can't do when using Goodreader on my iPhone Touch). I'm also experimenting with using iBooks on my Touch, since it, too, allows me to set the font size. Reading is more comfortable on the Kobo, obviously, but the Touch is always with me, so it'll be nice to have a way to read on it for times when I haven't thought to bring the Kobo.

The Kobo will be extremely useful on the Hawaii trip!

The reason for all these explorations, of course, is my truly terrible vision of late. I've been having more and more trouble reading on my Touch, and I've been getting frequent headaches. I'm theorizing that these are both due to the cataract, so I'm seeing the optometrist tomorrow. Ironically, I'm hoping that he'll say that my cataract has gotten tremendously worse, since that would mean they could remove it. Of course, I would have to wait until we got back from Hawaii before I could have the surgery, but at least I would know.