January 26th, 2014


On hiding

A terrible day today. Spent 1-5 p.m. hiding in the bed with Sasha, my Hobbes-style tiger. Not depressed, just situationally upset and withdrawn. Feeling better now, though still a bit emotionally shellshocked. Planning to avoid CWC tomorrow & stay home & do dishes & paint my toenails & maybe swing by Buffalo Exchange in my ongoing hunt for a warm, comfy, button- or zip-front cardigan that will go with the more bohemian/hippie-ish of my clothing. Must have pockets. Should cost $30 or less (though I'm somewhat flexible on this point). I've had little luck so far, but then one can't expect immediate success at second-hand stores. The quest continues.

Also planned for tomorrow: catching my metaphorical breath and regaining my metaphorical feet.