January 22nd, 2014


Creatinine and GFR results since CKD diagnosis

I just received lab results (from the 1/7/14 blood draw) and so wanted to record the info. I still haven't heard anything from the 1/15/14 urinalysis, though I emailed my nephrologist today to find out if she's heard anything.

Stage III (Moderate) CKD definition: eGFR=30-59
my creatinine is worse when it goes higher
my eGFR is worse when it goes lower

creatinine = 1.65
eGFR = 38
(this is when I was diagnosed with CKD and started going off lithium)

creatinine = 1.33
eGFR = 49

creatinine = 1.57
eGFR = 40
(after which I spent about 4 days aggressively hydrating myself)

creatinine = 1.60
eGFR = 39

So my eGFR right now is almost exactly as bad as it was when I was still on lithium, before I'd started going off the drug at all. I still don't know what's happening and am waiting to hear about the results of the urinalysis from last week. It's a little stressful. Why have the results gotten so bad again? Yikes. Also, my vertigo continues, especially at night and in the mornings. Is it related? This is all worrisome.