January 17th, 2014

me blue hair

Spring is coming

My latest medication regimen really seems to be helping. My anxiety is dramatically reduced, such that I can comfortably sit in a crowded, noisy restaurant full of children, or a crowded, noisy art room full of mentally ill people without feeling remotely unsettled. I don't enjoy being around people who speak really loudly, but it's only annoying, not anxiety-provoking.

My nausea has also been less and less frequent lately, and less and less severe when it does occur, which leads Shannon and me to speculate that the nausea was related to the anxiety all along.

Funny. I was complaining about extreme anxiety to the Evil Meds Doc for about a year, and he never did anything about it. Non-Evil Meds Doc seems to have hit upon a successful approach fairly quickly. Maybe I didn't need to spend several months feeling like I was going to vomit every day. Sheesh.

I'm still having vertigo every day, here and there. It's often quite bad when I first get out of bed in the morning, such that I have to grab onto the nightstand with one hand and the bed with the other and just hold still for a minute or so until the world stops spinning. I'll go to the doctor about it again if necessary, but right now I'm waiting to see what's up with my kidneys, since they could be related. I'm still waiting to hear about the results of the latest labs. I'm hoping to hear more on Monday.

In the meantime, I've been enjoying the fact that the cherry blossoms have just started blooming in the last couple days. I took a photo this morning (with the Christmas Camera):