October 9th, 2013


Endless spinning from one thing to another

Ack. Still somewhat hypomanic. I woke up at 6:30 this morning (when Shannon unfortunately had to get up to get ready to go to SF for a conference) and have been getting things done ever since. I've crossed at least a dozen things off of my To Do list in the past 11 hours, and I've only really sat still while watching tv while I was eating breakfast and lunch. I'm tired, but just keep moving. It's "pressured," like I just can't stop working on getting stuff done. It's nice to cross so many things off my list, but I know I should get some rest. I'm still getting over a cold, and my left foot is hurting and my right wrist is hurting a bit and I should just sit down and chill for a while.

Well, my dinner should arrive soon, as I ordered out from Rubio's. Expensive, but I was craving their grilled mahi mahi burrito. So I ended up spending $37 on dinner (though it will also feed me for both breakfast and lunch tomorrow, if not more, because I had to order at least $20 worth of food in order for them to deliver, and there was a high delivery fee, but -- like I said -- I was craving it … and hypomania often involves me being profligate with not only my energy but also my money … but I was craving that mahi mahi… I hope I'm not sorry later that I've used up most of my spending money).

Also, at my therapy appointment this morning my therapist said she definitely thinks I'm still a bit hypomanic. She'd never seen me hypomanic before these past few weeks, so she may be a bit nonplussed by this unfamiliar Kimberly. Or maybe I'm just trying to read her mind and imagining things.

Before she called me in for my appointment, I talked the ears off of 2 women in the waiting room. One of them made the mistake of mentioning Miley Cyrus, and I must have talked for at least 5 minutes about her tongue. I also regaled them with far too much information about chronic kidney disease and how it inhibits my ability to go for bike rides and how the fatigue has been so annoying. Once they were both gone in to see their therapists (mine is always late, so I'm always the last person in the waiting room), I was terribly embarrassed that I'd been pretty much the only person talking.

Le sigh.

I'll increase the Saphris a bit again tonight, since the 12.5 mg seems fine. Up to 15 mg tonight. At least I'm off the Zoloft.

Le sigh.

I guess the lithium was doing something, after all. We need to get my mood back on kilter, as I'm risking a big dip into depression, since prolonged hypomania often leads to just such a problem.

Le sigh.