August 14th, 2013

me blue hair

Shiny new computer and non-shiny non-new kidneys

I got a new computer this week, which is exciting, but it took something lilke 2 full days to transfer everything from my old computer to the new one, and so I've been computerless during that period. Nowadays, I can do most stuff on my iPod Touch (get email, read Facebook, use my calendar, use my address book, etc.), but anything involving lot of typing just sucks. No LJ entries, and my email fell dramatically further behind, but now I am computerful again, and I can type with more than just my index finger, which is a nice improvement.

I have this funky "Magic Mouse" now that will require some getting used to. Apparently I tend to rest my index finger on the mouse sometimes when I expect to click sometime soon. Now that the "Magic Mouse" is more than just a button (or collection of buttons), this causes things to scroll strangely on my screen. I'll get used to it. It does lots of fancy tricks, so that's fun. Whee!

Also, strange keyboard. My old one was ergonomic, which I liked, but didn't have a lot of keys that are way useful on a Mac (volume up/down, mute, fastforward and backward, brightness up/down, etc.), so I think I'll stick with this new one. It's uncomfortable at the moment, though. TONS of typos.

But what's most on my mind, actually, is that tomorrow I see the nephrologist again and learn about last week's lab test results. I'm hoping for creatinine ‹ 1.40 and GFR › 50 -- both would indicate progress from where I was when last tested, which I think was about 7 weeks ago on 6/21/13.

I have high hopes, because i'm having less nausea these days, so that should mean something, right? I'm also having fewer problems with feeling cold, actually. The extreme fatigue, though, continues unabated, and my muscles often do this scary weak wobbly thing. It's especially noticeable in my legs, since I'm walking along and suddenly feel like my thigh muscles, in particular, are made of spaghetti, like I might fall down. Why? What's going on? Is there anything I can do about it? I have this constant nagging need for information, and tomorrow I will finally get some. How are my kidneys doing? Am I anemic? How are my electrolytes? Should I still be drinking Gatorade? What do we do next?

Stay tuned, dear readers, for tomorrow's exciting installment of "As the Kidney Turns."

Oh, and my hair is being weird. I'm experimenting with different hair care products and procedures, trying to minimize the frizz, so I may start recording my results and impressions, complete with pictures. It might be fun.