July 28th, 2013

exercise, bike

A great day in Kimberlyland

Really nice day today. I don't remember having any nausea at all.

Took a shower with Shannon in the morning, then napped for an hour or so, then actually BIKED down to Out of the Closet (to look for some cheap "new" clothes, and I found lots of great stuff) and Trader Joe's. At TJ's I picked up a lot of relatively healthy snacky type stuff, so that I can eat small amounts here and there when I have a bit of appetite: sugar snap peas, teriyaki turkey jerky, dried mandarin orange sections (these just sounded too weird to pass up), crystalized ginger (to see if it tastes better than candied ginger, and if it still settles my stomach), etc. I think that will be easier than full meals.

I'm so impressed with myself that I actually biked today, for the first time in months, and it was a lot of fun. We biked almost entirely on very quiet streets with almost no cars, and that kind of biking is always enjoyable for me. I just don't like having too many things going on around me, too many stimuli clamoring for my attention when I'm on a bike, and so busy streets make me very nervous. There's just too much room for people to do stupid/dangerous things, and I have to keep track of them all at once. It's scary.

It was only about 3 miles round-trip, but some of it was uphill, and I'm just chuffed that I did it. In fact, it was even me who suggested it.

So … today:
no nausea
very little napping
enjoyable biking
no significant anxiety

It's been a very good day. Tomorrow I plan to be busy (CWC, writing group, and therapy keeping me out of the house most of the day), but I'm going to try not to overdo it. It was nice to have a day without exhaustion today, and I'd like to have more of those.