April 7th, 2013


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Haven't written in a while.

Birthday: Good. Busy. Vietnamese food with the in-laws. Sundaes at Ben & Jerry's. Beloved people singing "Happy Birthday" on the answering machine. "Spirited Away" with wonderful friends and crazy snacks. Walking with Shannon in Tilden Park and enjoying all the green. Delicious Mediterranean dinner at La Mediterranee. Seeing Tom Stoppard's Voyage (by the Shotgun Players) and having an enthusiastically intellectual discussion on the walk home. In short, much birthday delight. I'm now a prime number.

Callisto: Our new kitty seems to have decided that this is her home now, and seems to have forgotten that any other ever existed. She and Lucy are not best friends (at least not yet), but they are frequently in each other's space with no difficulty, sometimes lying on the same piece of furniture with little room between them, and Shannon even saw Callisto bathing Lucy a couple days ago. We've discovered that Callisto is also perhaps the smartest cat I've ever known (sorry, Cobweb), because she figured out the "Kong" cat treat dispenser very quickly, and then devoted nearly every moment of her waking life to dragging it around to tip it over and obtain treats, until finally Shannon had to take it away and shut it up in a cabinet, because she was just going to gorge herself until she threw up. Lucy, on the other hand, has been living with that Kong for nearly 2 years, and she'd gotten it to work only once or twice, apparently never able to figure out what she'd done so that she could repeat the behavior.

The Supreme Court: I feel helpless, hopeful, pessimistic, mistrustful, resentful, sad, and many other strong emotions about the current deliberations over the DOMA and Prop 8. I'm wearing rainbow shoelaces in my hightop tennies until the decisions are handed down, and I'm sure my casual footwear decisions are going to make a huge difference in the outcome.

Fandom: "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" webseries is now finished, and I somehow moved immediately into "Sherlock" fandom (re: the BBC series), which had never previously even shown up on my radar. But I think it happened through the Darcy - Sherlock personality similarities. I'm always a sucker for a character who seems cold/distant/untouchable, but who turns out to have hidden vulnerabilities. So now I'm reading "Sherlock" fanfic, for the moment.

Mental Health: Bleh. We've been playing with my anti-anxiety meds, trying to get to a point where I'm not overly sleepy at the same time as I'm not overly anxious, and thus far it hasn't worked. So I spend half my time sleeping all day, and the other half nearly afraid to leave the house. Neither of these leads to happy happy sunshine in my heart, and so I've also been feeling depressed and withdrawn. Bleh.