March 24th, 2013

exercise, bike


Today is Shannon's birthday, and he wanted to go to dinner at Chevy's down in Emeryville, right on the Bay. He asked me if I'd be okay with the bike ride there and back, and I determinedly said I would.

So today I biked about 9 miles down to the Bay and back (with the "back" part being mostly uphill), and I am tremendously proud of myself.

After a couple months of injuries and about 4 months of off-and-on bronchitis that kept me pretty much confined to walking as my only mode of exercise, I've been feeling extremely out of shape and pretty rotten about it. But today I did a somewhat hilly 9-mile bike ride, and I did not collapse, vomit, or require professional medical assistance. I consider it a triumph!

Hurray for me!