March 7th, 2013


Home is the hunter, home from Hawaii

Back in Berkeley, after a week in Hawaii. This has led to many thoughts and realizations:

1. We have come home to the squeakiest, most desperate cat in the universe. Lucy seems decidedly traumatized, but she'll get over it.

2. Berkeley is full of crazy people, homeless people, annoying people, and combinations of all three. Kauai is remarkably "white bread."

3. Speaking of "white bread," I'm not sure we saw a single black person while in Hawaii. Weird.

4. The second we stepped foot back in Berkeley, panhandlers started harassing us. It was the first time anyone had asked me for money -- except in return for goods or services -- in more than a week, and it actually surprised me. It'll be old hat in another day or two, of course.

5. I'm going to have to go back to wearing shoes and socks, as it isn't really flip-flop weather here right now. But that's okay: I have lots of cool socks.

6. I love Shannon, and I love my in-laws, and I enjoy planes and airports, but I think I'm going to hide somewhere tomorrow where I will not be required to speak or listen to human voices. Sometimes, at the in-laws' house, FIL would be listening to tv upstairs fairly loudly, while MIL listened to something loud on her computer in the room next to us, while Shannon sat next to me, occasionally regaling me with interesting stories he'd just read on the Internet. Sensory overload in a major way.

7. I spent more money than I should have on jewelry. It's cool jewelry, though.

8. When I travel, one of my chief joys upon returning home is always the ability to comfortably sleep naked. I look forward to a deliciously pyjama-less repose this evening.

9. I'm not coughing anymore. As in: I haven't really coughed at all for several days now. And on one of our late days on the trip, I went for a hilly 4-mile walk, and felt pretty much fine. I have high hopes for a return to complete health after far too many months without!

10. I can now return to typing on a computer like a normal person, rather than trying to take notes and things on my tiny iPod screen. Hence the first journal entry in a million years.

11. I had lots of bad dreams the last couple nights. Sigh.

Okay. Shannon has suggested bed. This sounds like an excellent idea. *snore*