February 3rd, 2013

Spike: WTF?

YouTube, Copyright, and Me

I've been brooding unhappily about my fanvid that was blocked from YouTube last week, and I've read a fair amount of stuff online about fandom and "fair use," and I decided to contest the copyright claim. I doubt it will have any effect, and I predict that my video will continue to be blocked (and I may get some kind of meaningless strike against my disposable account for submitting the dispute claim), but I want to at least express my opinion and give it a try. I'd like to be able to make fanvids (since I've been enjoying doing it), and I'd like to do it in an aboveboard way. There are literally thousands of BtVS vids on YouTube, and many of them have been up for years, so I can't help imaging that there must be some way to work things out. Perhaps it's just a question of standing up to the robots that ding everything Buffyish & pointing out that this particular video is a transformative work, rather than a simple reposting of the material they're selling. I'm willing to try.

The argument I sent to YouTube re: the blocking of my BtVS fanvid is this:
I used small pieces of the visual content from many diverse episodes of this television show, clipped them, edited them, combined them, arranged them, and set them to a previously unrelated piece of music in such a way as to produce a transformative piece of art, which is permitted by law.

Ah well. I don't have a lot of hope, but I figure it's worth standing up and saying what I think about my own rights, rather than just passively feeling bad that someone smacked me down … and giving up immediately on something I want because I believe I can't win. If nothing else, this is probably good for my own personal growth and assertiveness.

So … yay me! Even if I lose, yay me!
me blue hair

Hallmark Cards and Super Bowl Commercials

Shannon and I are both still sick, though Shannon is working as much as he can & I'm doing the usual housework and such. We aren't managing to leave the house very much, though, which is wearing on both of us. I miss CWC, and he misses his bike rides. I hope we regain energy soon.

Today I was shuffling tiredly upstairs after my shower, and I was wearing my yukata (short, summery kimono, which goes down to about mid-calf) with the "scuff" slip-on slippers I got for Christmas, and I suddenly realized that I looked like that crabby old lady from the Hallmark cards. I was appalled. Becoming the crabby old Halmark card lady really wasn't one of my goals in life.

Today was apparently the Super Bowl. I've only ever watched the game once, and that was when I was hanging out with 3 guys and we were playing bridge the whole time. I mostly only paid attention to the commercials. Upon searching YouTube, I see that it must have been 1993, because I vividly remember the excellent Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird "Nothing But Net" McDonald's commercial:

I'm not a basketball fan, but I could still appreciate the humor of the ad. I love Superbowl ads in general, actually, like the recent one (last year?) with the little kid dressed up as Darth Vader & the 2000 one with the cowboy cat herders:

(I think the best cat herder bit is the brief shot of one of the cowboys diligently winding a ball of yarn by the campfire, though the cowboy with the lint brush is pretty hilarious, too.)

Super Bowl ads rock.