December 29th, 2012

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Hmm. I haven't been posting to my journal much lately, despite how important journaling is to me (and has been since around junior high). New years resolution: write more often.

I'm mostly back to full health -- though still coughing fairly often -- and so I'm once again bicycling and walking almost as much as normal. As a precaution, I'm not completely diving back into exercise, because I'm going to Florida next week to visit my mom and brother, and I want to make sure I don't get myself all worn out (and possibly sick) before then.

So I'll start going to the gym & being as active as I like & all that jazz when I get back. Of course, the gym is always insanely crowded in January, but I'll manage to deal somehow.

For Christmas, Shannon and I went down to San Martin to hang out with the Wiedlin clan, which was great fun. The neatest part was when they had a "white elephant" game, in which everyone contributed a wrapped mystery present, and then everyone sat in a circle and each in turn either chose a wrapped present or "stole" something someone else had opened previously. Some of the presents were really cool (such as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on DVD) and some were less so (some hideously ugly neckties), but all were interesting and entertaining. Many people got very excited by the set of "Star Trek" drinking glasses, for example, and I think they got swiped more than once. Everyone was cracking up and teasing each other and it was just a lot of fun.

Then a couple days ago, Melody and Jared (Shannon's sister and her fiancé) came up from San Jose, and we got to visit with them, as well. It's always nice to see them.

And so the holidays are mostly over (except for the aforementioned upcoming trip to visit my family), and I have many exciting gifts, the most exciting possibly being The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, which should arrive on Monday. Sadly, I will not have time to enjoy it much before I leave, and it certainly is not in the running for things to pack for the trip. I also got many neat earrings, and a very cool earring organizer rack, and a pair of tie-dyed rainbow socks, and various other things. It was a good haul this year, and Etsy got a lot of money from me.

Unfortunately, one of my closest friends had emergency surgery on Christmas Day and lost a significant portion of her small intestine, and she's now stuck in the hospital for some unknown amount of time, and will be recovering for quite a while even once they release her. I caught a ride to go visit her today, and she seems quite herself, but impressively patient with the whole hospital thing (ha ... no pun intended ... "patient"). I feel a bit disconcerted to be flying across the country and being gone for a week while she's going through all this, but it's just bad timing.

In other, less important, news, I've been playing with iMovie a lot lately, and I've actually completed a Spike/Buffy fanvid, which is very exciting. It's funny that I went with that particular pairing, given the fact that I haven't really been involved in that fandom in years, but it's what appealed to me. I'm quite proud of the video, even though it's rather simple and awkward, with no pretty special effects or color washes or such things. It's just clips arranged to tell a story, with considerable attempt to make the transitions help tell the tale. Bare bones. But I love doing creative stuff, and so it's been tremendously fun to explore a new way to express my creative side, learning a different way to tell a story. The vid's been sent to YouTube, but it apparently takes a while for such things to actually show up on the website. If you're interested in watching the vid after it's available, let me know, and I'll point you at it.

Next, when I get home, I'll work on finishing my Big Eden vid. It's mostly done, but a technical issue caused me some problems at the end, and so I need to do some futzing. The film doesn't have many fans, anyway, so I'm mostly doing the vid for myself.
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My first fanvid!

For those of you interested, my Season 7 Spike/Buffy video (set to Mads Langer's excellent song "Fact-Fiction") is up on YouTube:

I'm not much involved in BtVS fandom anymore, so I don't have many friends who would be interested, but take a look if you care.