November 29th, 2012

beyond your front door

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I've been feeling a lot better. I've got more energy; I'm coughing less often; and I'm feeling more interest in being around other people.

Actually, though, I went to CWC on Monday and Tuesday, and then ended up coughing a whole heck of a lot on Tuesday night & had to get up and drink hot water with honey & suck on cough drops at 3 a.m. & I only got a few hours of sleep. That sucked. But since then I've been feeling pretty good: doing a lot of work on holiday projects, doing a lot of housework to catch up on the backlog, making phone calls that have needed to be made for ages (trying to get people to fix the defective new window in our bathroom, asking people to come out and clean our gutters, talking to the Tivo customer service people repeatedly to try to figure out why we can't get streaming video to one of our Tivos anymore (it used to work fine), phoning JC Penney to find out why a package was never sent, etc.). I mostly wasn't dealing with any of the household troubleshooting for the past month because I didn't feel up to it, so it felt good to start to get things under control again.

My email inbox is still totally out of control, though. Must. Email. Everyone!

This morning, my friends Crystal and Julia came over for our weekly writing group (though this was the first time I'd attended in more than a month). Normally, we meet at a cafe about a mile and a half from my house, but I asked to meet here so I wouldn't have to wend my weary way out to Mo'Joe's Cafe. (Hey, that rhymed!) We chatted for ages, since I haven't seen them (except in the crowded art room on Monday and Tuesday this week) in a long time, and I gave them a tour of the house, and we drank tea, and we wrote. It was nice to hang out with them.

Tonight I totally splurged & spent far more money than is reasonable, because I've been craving Zachary's pizza (amazing Chicago-style stuff) for a million years. I'd been craving it for about a month before I got sick, but I hadn't made it over there because it's kind of inconvenient to get to. And then I was craving it the whole time I was sick, but they don't deliver. And I'm still craving it now, and I was thinking that maybe I could go there tomorrow for lunch, and then I thought, "That's probably too tiring to do right now, especially on a day when I'm going to bike to the grocery store," and I just decided to throw caution (or, at least, a ridiculous amount of money) to the wind, and have a small spinach-and-mushroom Zachary's pizza delivered to my own rain-spattered door, via this amazing (and amazingly expensive) service called Eat24, which provides food delivery from all kinds of restaurants that don't deliver themselves ... Zachary's included. So I bought a $37 pizza. Yes, utterly ridiculous ... but it's possibly the most wonderful pizza I've every bought in my life, since I've been longing for it for about 2 months. And it will provide me with 4-5 meals. So I'm savoring my gold-plated, diamond-studded Zachary's pizza, and will continue to do so for a few days to come. (I even froze 1/3 of it, so I can have Zachary's some unknown time in the future!)

Tomorrow I'm going back to CWC, and then the real test occurs: biking to get groceries. Biking to get groceries always tires me a tiny bit, even on my best days, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping all will go well. Shannon has had to do the grocery shopping by himself for the past month, and he's done a great job, but I'm still very much looking forward to being able to choose my own food. Who knows what might be on those mystical shelves? I've always loved grocery shopping, because it feels like this wonderful world of infinite possibilities. Could mandarin oranges be in season? Could Gatorade be on sale? Could there be some new variety of Pop Tarts? Could there be cheap "stone-ground" wheat crackers? Could they have started carrying the low-fat hummus I like? Will the Marie Callendar's pot pies miraculously be affordable? Could they have six-packs of San Pellegrino orange soda? You never know! You never know! You walk into the grocery store, and you enter a world of adventure! I'm a grocery store junkie.

So tonight ... I'm patting my stomach full of most excellent Zachary's pizza while I work on fun holiday projects that involve Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Google Images search, blank CDs, handmade cards, secret stocking stuffers, and wrapping paper. Christmas isn't really more than 3 weeks away, is it? Say it isn't so! I'm almost completely ready.