November 19th, 2012

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"I Am Number Four"

I watched I Am Number Four today, under the impression that it would be something brainless I could watch while forcing myself to lie still on the couch when I'd rather go out. That impression turned out to be very very much correct.

However, what the fuck was Timothy Olyphant (see icon) doing in this movie? He's an amazing actor and has played so many interesting, impressive, complex roles (in "Deadwood," "Justified," and even Go, where his part was small but memorable) ... and then he did this? I am baffled. Maybe he's a fan of the books. Ha. Well, he does have three kids, one of them being a daughter who was 11 when the movie came out, so maybe she's a fan, and he did a crappy movie to please the offspring. Who knows.

Despite the overall lack of impressiveness, I admit I did still enjoy much of the movie. It reminded me of at least 20 other movies and tv shows (The Terminator, "Smallville," The Matrix, "The Hulk," "Roswell," "Heroes," "Kyle XY," "Buffy," and Running on Empty, for just a few examples), but they were mostly movies and tv shows I liked, so it wasn't a bad thing -- just unoriginal. Sadly, though, unlike in some of those other shows and movies, Four's fight scenes almost put me to sleep. (I've never been a big fight scene gal, but a few movies have managed to win me over in that regard, most memorable being The Matrix. And I could watch Jackie Chan fight pretty much anytime and be riveted from start to finish.) Unfortunately, the final 45+ minutes were almost entirely fight scene, so I lost interest in a big way.

HOWEVER, any movie with a heroic animal that risks its life to save someone earns a place in my heart. I'm quite aware that it's a huge cliché and that it's ridiculously sappy, but that intellectual knowledge does not stop me from sobbing my eyes out. Especially if it's a small animal, helplessly outclassed by its opponent. (I'm giving nothing away here, but I doubt anyone is worried about spoilers for this movie anyway.)

I'm ashamed to admit I even for a moment thought about searching out the next book in the YA novel series ... just so I could find out what happens to the dog. And then I regained my sanity. If I want to read about heroic dogs, I could read something about heroic dogs, not some crappy series of books about teenage battle aliens ... who happen to have a dog.

Anyway, I think I'll watch something good next & set aside the "fluffy movies while I'm sick" criteria. I'm feeling much better (though still coughing), and so sitting still all day might be easier with some brain stimulation. I'm so used to watching unchallenging stuff when I'm sick, I just kept doing it instinctively, when I could probably read/watch more interesting stuff in these final few days of recovery.

I'm assuming they'll be the final few days of recovery, because AAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Let me out of here! But, still, I was feeling pretty well when I rejoined the world of the living more than a week ago, and crashed immediately afterward. So I'm willing to take it easy, but I think it can let my brain take it less easy.