November 14th, 2012


Waiting for Forever

In my efforts to lie around and rest today, in hopes of getting rid of this damn bronchitis, I watched a movie on Netflix streaming this evening: Waiting for Forever. Because Netflix has an interface for the iPhone/Touch that pretty much refuses to give you much information, I thought this was a romantic comedy. Um ... no. The main character is a deluded, dysfunctional, creepy stalker with naive justifications for all his creepiness. While I'm sure a large percentage of stalkers imagine themselves in true, sweet, romantic love with the objects of their obsessions, romance in your mind doesn't necessarily make for real romance.

There were things I liked about the main character: he refused to live the way anyone else thought he should, so he didn't get a regular job and chose instead to work as a street performer, he wore pajamas all the time as if they were regular clothes, he occasionally played and cavorted and mugged like a kid, etc. He definitely had a Benny & Joon vibe going, especially with the constant hat wearing, but (unlike the Johnny Depp character in that movie) he wasn't just dismissed as charmingly quirky ... his unhealthy obsessiveness and inability to live an adult life were acknowledged as real problems.

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