November 13th, 2012



I'm not very happy right now, because tonight I noticed that my lungs are feeling sort of weird when I take a deep breath, kind of heavy/full/achey or something. Not normal, and not anything I was feeling over the last two weeks, so something new appears to be happening. Yippee.

Shannon pointed out that what I've considered "taking it easy," involved a lot of laundry, dishes, designing Christmas presents, etc., so maybe my version of "taking it easy" wasn't easy enough. Maybe I made myself sicker by being so impatient with my body's weakness and just doing what I wanted regardless. It's happened before.

Luckily, my doctor had warned me that a lung weirdness like this might occur, and told me to take another dose of the med I took for the first 3 days after diagnosis. I hope this will fix the problem, whatever it is. I'm really tired of being sick. I haven't had such a prolonged, isolating illness since elementary school, when I got chicken pox. And even then, all the other kids in our apartment building had it at the same time, so we were quarantined together. It was actually kind of fun. Now, not so much with the fun.

I don't mind the feeling sick part; I mind the not getting to do stuff part, and I mind the unpredictable future part. If someone could look in a crystal ball and tell me when I'll be well and active again, I'd probably be able to tolerate the confinement more easily.

Any of you got a crystal ball handy?

Edited to Add (about an hour later): Crappy harsh coughing again, too, which I haven't had in almost a week. Argh!