November 12th, 2012


It's allllliiiiiive! And it sucks.

Fuck. Bronchitis relapse. The past couple days, I felt really good, hardly coughing, mostly healthy, eager to put the sick room behind me, but last night I could only sleep 5 hours, and today I'm coughing a lot again. Also, I keep feeling like it's really really hot, and Shannon tells me that it's very much not, so I think my fever is back. (The weather sites say the current temp in Berkeley is 61° ... not hot, right? And yet I'm sweating. But we don't have a thermometer, so I lack actual data.) Also, aches, weakness, muzzy headedness ... bronchitis sucks big time, because it's back like Frankenstein's monster.

Well, the doctor and the Internet both said that bronchitis tends to last 2-4 weeks, and this afternoon/evening makes 2 weeks exactly for me. I guess that means it could last up to 2 more weeks. Yay?

I had excited plans to leave the house tomorrow and get back to the things I actually like to do with my life, like being out in the world, hanging out in the art room (where I was collaborating on a project which will unfortunately be concluded without me being able to finish my contribution, which disappoints me muchly), attending my writing group, and seeing my friends. It looks like I'll be coughing and sweating at home instead. Curses!

At least I'm not coughing as much as I was before I started taking the bronchitis meds. I'll count my blessings.