November 5th, 2012

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Slept 6 hours last night, all in one continuous stretch. This is unusual for me pretty much ever, as I usually wake up every couple hours and then go back to sleep. So I feel like I got some really good rest, and then I napped for an hour in the afternoon. What an improvement!

I'm still coughing a lot, and coughing with a pretty harsh hacking noise, and sometimes coughing several times in a row, but the cough is still tremendously better, so I'm feeling really quite cheerful today. Given the context, I feel like the healthiest woman in the world!

I also feel like writing the doctor I saw on Friday (Dr. Aysha Zaman) a "thank you" card, because she was amazing. I don't really know her (my usual doc wasn't available), but she not only gave me the right meds and advice, but she also really talked to me and reassured me and gave me a good idea of how I could expect to be feeling over the next few days. She was simultaneously informative and compassionate, and was helpful not only physically but also emotionally. (She looked about half my age, but I politely refrained from calling her "Doogie Howser" in her office. I was probably coughing too hard to call her anything, anyway.)

Shannon's been feeling some comparatively minor symptoms of the virus that started all my troubles, but we're both hoping that his own immune system will be more effective in fighting it than mine was.

On a completely different topic, did I mention that I've put some photos of Cobweb and Munchkin up on the mantel in the living room? I put up a cute photo of them looking down at me when they'd climbed up together into the highest shelf in a closet when they were relative young feline ladies, and I put up another pic of our whole family, with Shannon and me and all 3 cats, taken about 4 years ago or so. It's nice to see them whenever I pass by the fireplace, even if it still makes me kind of sad. Both Cobweb and Munchkin have appeared in some of my dreams recently, too, but not in any sad or significant way. They're just there in my dream world, as they have been frequently for more than a decade. It's nice, actually.