October 19th, 2012


Phone solutions?

I'm looking for advice.

I've gotten tired of not having a cell phone, but I can't afford any of these snazzy phones with expensive service contracts. I just want a plain, no-frills phone that I can use to make infrequent, simple phone calls when necessary. No texting, no apps, no pretty color displays, no call waiting, no voicemail, none of that fancy jazz. Just a phone that makes phone calls. With no long-term commitment.

Any advice?

I've been searching Amazon's "No-Contract Phones" section, and I've seen some "prepaid phone" possibilities in the $20-25 range, but they're all packed to the gills with features I don't need. Are there other options I'm not aware of? Does anyone make cheap, simple, no-contract phones that do nothing but make and receive calls? Surely there must be demand for such things, if only from the drug-dealing portion of the populace.

In other news, we took Munchkin to the vet again today for a "vet tech" appt just to recheck her blood pressure, but the front desk gal wanted her to see a real vet because they were quite concerned to hear that M hasn't been drinking water much (or at all) for a day or two. The vet, however, examined M and said that she didn't seem too terribly dehydrated (but we'll start giving fluids more often for 3 days and see if it helps), that she's gained almost half a pound since last week (up to 5 lbs. again!), and that her blood pressure has come down dramatically (to 80), such that we're actually going to reduce the dosage of the blood pressure med so that we don't get her bp lower than it should be. And then I saw Munchkin drinking water this evening, and so all cat news seems to be good right now. I mean, as good as we could reasonably expect.

Sadly, quite a few people these days, when I talk about Munchkin, make cautious, sensitive, compassionate comments that are clearly meant to imply (or state directly) an opinion that we should probably put her to sleep. Shannon and I discuss it often -- maybe once or twice a week -- but we both feel like she's still content much of the time and that she enjoys her food and the cuddles she gets when we pick her up (though she doesn't seek us out anymore), and that her life is still more good than bad. This afternoon she came into my office and sat for quite a while in a spot of sun near the open door to the deck. She held her face up toward the screen whenever a particularly energetic breeze gusted into the room. I just can't see euthanizing that cat, when she clearly gets so much enjoyment out of a spot of sun and a fresh breeze.

I understand why friends might question what we're doing, as at this point we really are putting a tremendous amount of time, money, and emotional energy into taking care of her, and I think most people wouldn't go that far for an animal. And it is taking its toll, I'll admit that ... on me, especially. But I love her, and I'm still willing to make the effort. Tomorrow I'll think about it again, and the next day, and the next day, but right now we're really going day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. We're making constant reassessments. And today we're not ready, and we don't think she's ready, either.

Otherwise, a hard day, in that much of the time I felt like a depressed mess. But we went out to the food trucks and got funky food for dinner, and Shannon helped out with the dishes that had been on my To Do list for the evening, and I'm feeling less disastrous tonight.