October 13th, 2012

Munchkin kitten

Munchkin health woes

More health issues with Munchkin these last few days, resulting in a trip to the vet emergency room late last night, but she's still doing relatively okay. She just doesn't seem to be seeing very well, but I hope we are now treating the cause of that problem.

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Apparently, she now weighs 4.7 lbs, which sounds incredibly tiny for an adult cat.

Despite the current vision problems, she's basically the same as she has been for the past couple months: fairly lethargic, ravenously hungry (2 of her pills each day are an appetite stimulant, which seems to be working admirably), preferring to lie on the bathroom rug 90% of the time but willing to walk short distances for water or food, possessing extremely bad breath and disgustingly slimy brown spit (presumably a sign of dehydration), prone to enthusiastic purring when held, and ridiculously trusting and cooperative when we're giving her the various treatments (this has been the case all along and seems a personality thing, not a weakness thing). She's still the same sweet cat, but not as interactive as once upon a time.

So we're giving her the medication for her blood pressure, and we're hoping that it will help and that her vision will improve. I'm not sure how long that might take, but I'll probably talk to Dr. McBride on Monday and ask. Munchkin goes back to get her blood pressure checked in a week, so we can find out whether the pills are helping.


As Shannon and I discussed while walking through the dark to the kitty emergency room last night, 2012 has not been the greatest cat year for us. It's been really really hard, full of worry and pain and the sadness of seeing a loved one suffering, and -- eventually -- death. I think Munchkin is still relatively content, though, even if she is reclusive and lethargic, and so I don't really see her as suffering right now, but the partial blindness can't be easy on her. I hope we're able to help with that.