October 3rd, 2012

both cats

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Munchkin is (of course unintentionally) toying with our emotions, as today she was a bit more like her old self. She's spent maybe half her time in the toilet rug spot, and the rest of the time she's been enjoying the fresh air on windowsills, hanging out up on shelves, etc. She still isn't venturing very far, keeping entirely to the upstairs bathroom, with occasional brief forays into Shannon's nearby office, but she seems more alert, and she has gotten up off the floor to come and greet me a few times when I walked into the room. I remember this happened with Cobweb, too, when she was getting quite bad but would have a day, here and there, when she seemed better. I think the good days actually make it harder, because I'm always hit anew when the decline becomes apparent again.

In other -- less emotionally loaded -- news, the painting folks came over today to help us pick out some paint colors for the beleaguered downstairs bathroom. We ended up with Sherwin Williams colors "Restful White" for the walls and "Waterfall" for the baseboards, windowsills, door frame, etc. I think the colors look very nice with the shower tiles, so I'm looking forward to the end result, which we'll probably see in about a week and a half. And then work on the bathroom will be DONE. OVER. FINISHED. It will be such a relief! As a person taking lithium, I find that bathrooms play a significant role in my life, so I'll be happy to have this one returned to me, and with pretty paint, to boot!