September 19th, 2012

both cats

Munchkin news

The bathroom construction is going well, they've fixed most of the problems that were bugging me (and I trust that the others will be dealt with soon), and we now have to wait a few days for the tile glue to dry before they can continue (presumably with the grouting), so we're having 5 days in a row of freedom from construction before they come back on Monday to finish up, as Monday should be their last day of work. And then we will have a pretty new bathroom!

So I was all excited this morning in my quietly empty house & did a lot of stuff to get the downstairs more livable & I was feeling really good. Then I was out running around, going to various appointments and running errands. Cheerful. Efficient. Productive. Totally self-absorbed.

But when I got home, Shannon was in his office, looking very upset. The vet had called while I was gone, and Munchkin's test results from yesterday's routine visit had come in: her kidney function has dramatically declined since her last visit (3 months ago). When we left the office yesterday, we knew that she'd lost some weight (5.0 lbs. down from 5.8), but I was still hoping that the rest would be all right. Shannon and I had both gotten concerned recently, of course, about Munchkin's lethargy, her decreased appetite, her reduced drinking, etc. But sometimes cats act funny, right? It didn't have to mean anything. Yeah, I know too much about kidney disease to be that naive.

It sounds like her kidney function is dangerously bad, so we're going to make some changes. We'll be giving her subcutaneous fluids every day now, instead of every 2 days (poor kitty getting stabbed with needles); we're getting some kind of appetite stimulant that might help get some more calories into her very skinny little body; we're doubling the Pepcid dosage we've been giving her, which might also help with appetite; and we're going to start feeding her a lot more Fancy Feast (even though it's basically kitty junk food), because it's something she eats more reliably than pretty much anything else. (This all brings back memories of our extreme efforts to get Cobweb to eat in her final months. Not happy memories.)

I guess I need a Munchkin icon, as I'm predicting this is the start of months of increasing difficulty and so I may be writing about her with some frequency. (In the icon I'm using for this post, Munchkin is the black-and-white kitty. The striped tabby is her now-deceased sister, Cobweb.)