May 28th, 2012

S & me wedding photo

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Shannon doesn't take days off work very often, so we usually try to make a real effort to spend fun, relaxing time together when he does. Unfortunately, I've been sick with a cold for the past couple days, and so I haven't been up to biking much, and I've spent a lot of time on the couch under a blanket with a cup of tea on the coffee table beside me. We've watched a lot of tv/movies (which we always do over holiday weekends/weeks): the first few episodes of "Torchwood" Season 4, Iron Man 2 (which I loved), and (tonight) the first episode of the 2010 "Sherlock" series, all of which rocked. I also, while languishing on the couch alone, watched the first few episodes of an anime series called "Naoki Urasawa's Monster," which unfortunately wasn't as good as the stuff Shannon and I watched together, but was still acceptably entertaining.

But since I hadn't been making it out much during this holiday weekend, today Shannon suggested that we grab dinner at Top Dog, which we do upon occasion when the weather is nice, because we always take our hot dogs (Top Dog's chicken apple sausages are our usual choice, actually) over to the UCB campus to sit beside Strawberry Creek under the redwoods where a picnic table is situated in a small, isolated clearing next to the unused side of one of the university buildings.

So we sat among the trees and talked and ate chicken apple sausages and Doritos and enjoyed the relative quiet of the summer campus and read some Aegypt. And I realized while we were sitting there -- though I'm sure I've thought it before -- that our habitual picnic spot is just on the other side of the trees from the Faculty Club, which is where we got married more than a decade ago. It made me happy that we still hang out there.

This evening I'm definitely feeling better: not so achey, not so light-headed, not so exhausted, not so weak. My energy level is pretty much back to normal, so I'm planning on getting some exercise tomorrow, though I'll take it easy. I'm just happy to feel like myself again!