May 24th, 2012

Chunky Rice: chorus to the verse

Redwood Regional Park

The days keep slipping away.

We have Guest Cat visiting again, as we do every 6 months or so. Shannon and I both worried that it might be upsetting for us, since Tai Chi (a.k.a. Guest Cat) looks so much like Cobweb, and we thought we might have a startle response occasionally upon seeing him and then remembering that Cobweb is gone, but it hasn't worked out that way at all. For one thing, Tai Chi weighs maybe 5 lbs. more than Cobweb did in the end; and for another, he actually runs around. Cobweb wasn't moving too much, and then only slowly, during her last few months.

Also, it's been about 5 weeks since we had Cobweb put to sleep, and apparently that has been long enough for me, at least, to get used to the fact that she's gone, and to no longer expect to see her around the house, so when I see Tai Chi, I only see Tai Chi, and don't really think about whether or not he looks like Cobweb.

Okay, writing about it has made me teary, even though living it hasn't made me sad. Weird.

I've been fairly busy lately, doing this and that and the other. Today it was a longish hike in the stunningly gorgeous Redwood Regional Park with my friend Crystal and her border collie, Susan. We only walked about 4.5 miles, but not much of it was level, and I found the steep uphill parts tiring. Not tiring enough to make the hike not enjoyable, but tiring enough to remind me that I need to get more exercise on a regular basis. Crystal is about 10 years younger than I am, and maybe 30 pounds lighter, so she wasn't having any apparent trouble, but she didn't seem to mind that I was a bit slower.