April 13th, 2012

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I finally succeeded in fixing my compass necklace (the one I bought on Etsy which fell apart literally within 10 minutes of my putting it on for the first time -- luckily, the seller refunded my money) and wore it out into the wide world for the first time today. Within 20 minutes of my leaving the house, two different people had come up to me to get a closer look and asked me about the necklace. I'm not sure if people liked it, exactly -- though I definitely do -- but it was certainly a conversation piece. One woman just asked disbelievingly, "Is that what it looks like?" I told her yes, and that if I got lost in the woods on my way home, I could just take off the necklace and get my bearings. She looked at me kind of funny. But every time I saw it in the mirror, the necklace made me happy.

I met with my Berkeley READS student for the first time today (after the debacle two weeks ago), and she's very sweet and very young. She's 21, but she just a couple months ago got her high school diploma, and she's now in community college, working toward transferring to a 4-year school. Her difficulty is that she writes like she talks (using words like "cause" instead of "because," for example) -- which is a common problem, regardless of your background -- and it's compounded by the fact that Black English seems to be her first language. So we talked for quite a bit -- I was feeling shy, but she talked a lot about her life, her family, her goals, etc., which was great -- and I got a bit of a feel for what kind of stuff we'll want to work on. I meet her for the first actual tutoring session next week.

In other news, my beloved iPhone will be leaving my hands in June (as it is only on loan to me until its service contract expires), and so I've been planning to buy an iPod Touch afterward, so that I could still play the games I like, use the apps I've bought, etc. But then I borrowed Shannon's iPad last night to read some fic without having to sit in front of the computer all evening, and I kinda fell in love with it. It was so comfortable to use! So now I'm considering getting an iPad, instead of the Touch. It's considerably more expensive, but it would give me all the things I want the Touch for ... plus the ability to actually read significant amounts of text comfortably. (Maybe even keep text files of some sort? I haven't researched that yet.) It wouldn't be as convenient for taking places -- it won't fit in my pocket, after all -- but it would still be possible, and not too difficult, to just pop it in my backpack, which I usually have with me anyway. I've got some money saved up, but certainly not enough to buy a new iPad. So I'm in the market for a used one. Something under $275 (the amount I currently have saved). So if anyone knows of someone wanting to sell such a thing, let me know! I'm pretty excited about it. If I can't find an iPad within my price range, I can still get a Touch, but I'm hopeful.

Tonight we've had some very impressive thunder and lightning, which seems to be freaking Lucy out. At a very young age, she was traumatized by an earthquake (and the heavy books that fell as a result), and she's been skittish ever since. Poor baby. Even if you just move too quickly around her, she hits the ground like she's expecting books to fall from the sky.

I'm totally into Spike/Xander fic right now, though I also spent some time today on YouTube, checking out Spike/Buffy videos, looking for a clip of Wesley's incredible death scene (Why has no one put this on YouTube? It's one of my favorite tv scenes ever!), looking for clips of Connor and Angel from "Not Fade Away" (such as when Connor admits that he now remembers his past, and that Angel is his father, and insists on helping with the world-ending stuff -- I couldn't find any of this, either.), etc. The best stuff I found, actually, was about Andrew, especially his video from the BtVS episode "Storyteller." Pretty hysterical stuff. Oh, and Angel and Wesley dancing:

Ha! I think I actually like Wesley's stiffly spastic dancing even better than Angel's dorky discoing. Wesley looks like he's actually going to injure himself, or perhaps someone else, with his rigid thrashing. I love when he actually falls down.
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I went to the writing group at CWC today for the first time in almost 3 months, and it was great. Everyone wrote really interesting pieces, and we talked about them, and I enjoyed writing and sharing my stuff again. I'm tentatively planning to go more often.

In the evening, Shannon and I biked to El Cerrito Plaza to have dinner at Rubio's and do our grocery shopping at Lucky's for a change, just to see what their prices and selection were like. In anticipation of this, I was all excited at CWC, but people looked at me like I was strange when I said I was excited about going to a new grocery store. Hmm. I like new stuff. It was like an adventure! Okay, maybe a mundane adventure, but still an adventure! They had unfamiliar juices! And unfamiliar cookies! And all kinds of random crap like huge pots for plants and light sabers and a bank and a pharmacy. Shannon called it the Lucky's Mothership. Some of the stuff was more expensive than our usual stores (Safeway, Target, Trader Joe's), but some of the stuff on sale was drastically cheaper. I thought it was a very successful adventure.

Biking home, however, was a bit less enjoyable. I am a woman currently lacking in bicycling stamina (but working on it). So there was a lot of huffing and puffing and sweating (despite the chilly evening) and gasping and suchlike. I admitted to Shannon that much of the time I'm bicycling right now, I'm not really enjoying myself. But I'm patient and determined, and with practice, I know I'll improve. In the meantime, though, I'm trying to be realistic about my limitations so that I don't try to do too much and end up getting discouraged. Slow and steady wins the race, as they say.

I'm still debating in my mind whether to buy an iPad (used, of course) or an iPod Touch to replace my soon-to-vanish iPhone.

+ would still be able to use all my apps
+ would let me easily read extensive amounts of text
- wouldn't fit in my pocket for everyday carrying
- would be "refurbished" (used)
- would cost about $100 more

iPod Touch
+ would still be able to use all my apps
+ would still fit in my pocket for everyday carrying
+ would be new
+ would cost about $100 less
- would not give me the new, exciting, added ability to read long text files

Hmm. Maybe I only really want an iPad to read fic. Maybe the Touch is really a better choice. Spending large amounts of money like this makes me nervous. I don't want to decide later that I made a hasty decision. But it leaves me stewing and stewing and stewing.