April 4th, 2012


Feet and Cats

I've been trying to stay off my feet today, at least somewhat, more than usual anyway. My feet are still hurting (though not terribly, as they were after I walked a couple miles), but what I've read online seems to indicate that plantar fasciitis can be very slow to improve. I'm still not sure that's even what's going on, but I'm trying the home remedies (rest, stretches, ice, wearing supportive shoes even in the house) and paying attention to how I'm feeling and when and all that, so that I will have more info if I decide to talk to my doctor at some point.

Tomorrow I'm going shopping for tabi socks, so that I can wear my very comfy orthopedic flip-flops more comfortably inside the house. It's a little cold for bare feet right now, but I don't want to wear more substantial shoes and have to take them off every time I want to curl my feet under me on the couch.

Since I didn't want to do my usual extensive walking today (and for the foreseeable future), Shannon and I biked to El Cerrito (only 9 miles roundtrip, but still enjoyable), where he bought himself some much-needed new sneakers, we picked up a couple of small things at Trader Joe's, and we had a delicious dinner at Rubio's. It was like a date! Kinda! With shoe shopping! And groceries! Okay, so maybe not tremendously date-like, but still a very nice evening out together.

Cobweb continues with her daily ... um ... elimination problems. Shannon and I have struck a pee/poo deal: I've taken over all of the litterbox cleaning (which doesn't stress me out, since it is mundane, predictable, and not indicative of cat physical or mental health problems), while he's in charge of the out-of-litterbox cleaning (which doesn't seem to bother him like it does me, as long as there is some equitable distribution of effort). The deal seems to be working for both of us so far, which means that we're feeling better about the cats and better about each other. Communication rocks!