March 24th, 2012

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Katherine, Mimi, and I went to lunch at 900 Grayson today, which is snazzier than my usual lunch spots. I had the "Ladyboy Salad," which the menu describes thus: "Lemongrass Prawns, Mango, Daikon, Carrots, Cucumber, Rice Noodles, Fresh Basil & Mint, Sambal Vinaigrette Dressing, Toasted Rice Powder, Micro Tatsoi Greens." It was very fancy, with all the fruit and veg sliced into these long, thin strips that looked rather like multi-colored fettucini. It was beautiful. My favorite thing about it, though, was the mixture of the basil and mint, which was far more delicious than I had expected.

The primary reason for my choice of this restaurant was its proximity to Urban Ore, because I was wanting to go there to look for some kind of storage possibility for my art supplies. (A book case would probably work best, but the ones at Urban Ore cost a bit more than I want to spend. Maybe I'll get lucky and find one on the street with a "Free" sign. It's happened to us before, more than once. The student area of Berkeley is cool in that way.) I also wanted to check out the art supplies at Urban Ore, because I've found good stuff for collage there on previous visits. I didn't find anything I wanted, surprisingly enough, given how much stuff is there, but Mimi had a great time and found lots of stuff she wanted. So the visit was a success anyway.

Then I came home and got some stuff done and relaxed until Shannon got off work, whereupon we biked down to Chevy's in Emeryville (about 4 miles away) to have a slightly-fancier-than-usual Friday night dinner in honor of our impending birthdays. The food was very tasty, but I had to leave tons of salad, rice, and beans behind, because I just couldn't eat anymore. Normally, I would take leftovers home, but restaurant to-go containers don't generally survive well in a backpack. I'll try to remember to take Tupperware next time.

Then we biked up the gradual slope to our house, and I discovered that in my current state of fitness, 4 miles of gradual uphill is a bit much. I had to stop twice to rest and catch my breath. I used to be able to do this ride much more comfortably, so clearly I need to get more exercise on a regular basis.

Now we are relaxing in preparation for tomorrow's adventures for Shannon's 40th birthday. He's planning everything, so I'm a bit vague on what exactly is happening, but he mentioned the Exploratorium (hands-on science museum) and Ghirardelli Square, plus I'm sure we'll at some point be eating something other than Ghirardelli chocolate. (The original birthday plan was a bike ride in Lafayette/Moraga, but the weather forecasts have indicated rain, so we're making a rather impromptu change of plan. If today's ride home from Chevy's was any indication, I might have found the Lafayette/Moraga trail a bit challenging, anyway. Perhaps it will be good if I have some time to get a bit more in shape before attempting it.)

Then, Sunday, the San Jose in-laws are coming up to take us out to dinner for our birthdays, and we'll be having Vietnamese food downtown.

It's the birthday season! That's what happens when you marry someone whose birthday is only 4 days away from yours.