March 12th, 2012

cartoon me

Frustrations, Handmade Coolnesses, and Contemplation of Piercings

A day of minor frustrations.

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I'm dealing with the (extremely minor) frustration by self-medicating with lots of ogling of beautiful handmade stuff on Etsy, such as:

- this "painted Czech glass beaded triple wrap bracelet"," which has a sort of grungey, primitive feel to it that I can't stop staring at
- these wacky cork board pins made out of bingo game pieces and old buttons
- this crazy crazy crazy wonderful wonderful wonderful necklace made out of photographic film and dolls' eyes -- I can't imagine ever going anywhere that would make it appropriate to wear this necklace, but I do think it's perhaps the coolest piece of jewelry I've ever seen. Too weird!
- this "Bohemian beaded wrap bracelet," which can alternatively be worn as a necklace, and which makes me think of fishermen and mermaids
- this totally crazy "green apple beads barrette," which would have the major problem that it would be worn on the back of my head if I were to buy it, and so I wouldn't get to enjoy its craziness all day long, and probably wouldn't see the odd facial reactions of the people behind me who did see it
- this fascinating, gorgeous ring that's textured to look like tree bark
- this necklace pendant made out of an old typewriter comma key, because I'm a huge serial comma fan, and how cool would it be to wear an old typewriter key as jewelry?
- all the funky "Ninja" pants made by this woman in Thailand
- turtle fudge -- did you know you could buy fudge on Etsy? I didn't. Now we both do. No need to go on vacation anymore -- I find it's usually only the touristy spots that have fudge shops.
- pretty much everything this metalworker does

Go! Check out Etsy! Find some beautiful things! It's my latest addiction. Could be worse.

Did I mention I'm thinking of getting my ears pierced? I had them pierced when I was younger, but I didn't wear earrings for so many years that the holes (I had two in each earlobe) have all completely closed up, leaving only bumpy little scars. Now I'm contemplating the possibility of earrings in my future. In fact, I've been contemplating this potential future for some months now. I predict that some Saturday, when I'm hanging out with Lisa -- who is the girliest of my friends and therefore the most earring-related -- I'll just spontaneously grab her and make her keep me company while someone pokes a needle into my ears for the sake of decoration. We'll have to Google where the respectable middle-aged woman gets her ears pierced, though, because I have no idea. When I was 6 and 13 (the two times I got my ears pierced), the answer was obvious: the mall. Not really an option in Berkeley. But I'm not sure I'm comfortable going to a hardcore tattoo/piercing place, either. Hmm. Well, when that spontaneous moment comes, Lisa and I will ask Google for some advice.