February 4th, 2012


The Crunchiness of Granola and the Frailness of the Feline

Literacy tutor training today, and it was lots of fun. Kinda like school, and I've always loved school. I don't understand, though, why all the paperwork and verbal announcements clearly stated that today's training would be 10-4 ... and then the "trainer" (heh ... when I lived in Britain, this would have meant a kind of shoe) rather determinedly insisted on wrapping things up around 2. Huh. Maybe she had a hot date. I must admit that the sunshine outside was seductive.

All us enthusiastic tutors-to-be got pretty friendly (not like that, you pervs), and a couple of the gals seemed distressed that we'd be working separately with our students once the training is done, with no group interaction, possibly never to see each other again, and two women decided that we should create a phone/email list so we can all keep in touch. Seems unlikely to me once life gallops apace, especially given the fact that this tutor bonding is based on less than 4 hours of acquaintance thus far, but I happily gave them my contact info anyway. They're cool people, so if they want to keep in touch, so much the better.

My earlier enamoredness of fellow tutor-to-be Zoe dimmed today when I saw her having her breakfast, which was a gigantic (we're talking 48 ounces) Mason jar full of the most disgusting green sludge I've ever seen. Um ... ew? Anyone who can cheerfully drink that for breakfast is someone I can't really get. I endeavored to suppress my instinctive shudder ... or was it a gag reflex? ... as well as my sudden desire to run to the nearest bakery for a glazed donut, just to get the imagined taste out of my brain. Zoe is still really cool, but I've realized that she's quite a bit further along the Crunchy Granola Spectrum than I am. That doesn't prevent me from being friends with someone (or even more than friends, as a couple of my funky past boyfriends prove), but it dims the glow a bit. I'm a bit too much of a foodie to really fully understand and appreciate the Green Sludge Diet.

Also, just as a side note, I mentioned last time that Zoe has purple hair. Well, today I took the time to notice her clothes. Purple pants, purple socks, purple shoes, purple tank top, purple sweater, purple backpack ... even her bicycle is purple. The only thing that wasn't purple was a moss-green t-shirt worn between the tank top and the sweater. I liked the combination of the purple and the green, but the sheer amount of purple was a bit overwhelming, like I'd been magically transported to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I like green ... I wear a lot of green ... I have a green bike ... but I don't generally wear 12 items of green clothing at the same time, and I don't dye my hair to match. I like eccentric, so I could probably get past this, but it was a bit odd. Odd isn't necessarily bad, though, as I said.

In other news, as I mentioned recently, Cobweb The Greatest Cat in the World has been going downhill again recently:

- We're having great difficulty getting her to eat. Sometimes it helps if we loom over her while she's at the wet food, strangely enough. So I find myself just standing around the family room occasionally, patiently watching a cat eat tiny amounts of mushy meat product.
- She's losing drastic amounts of weight again. So bony! (Obviously related to the food issue mentioned above.)
- Her fur above her hipbones has been getting terribly matted. I've tried to wash it; I've tried to gently comb it out with my fingers; nothing works.
- Her normal, subtle cat smell has been considerably more pronounced and less pleasant.
- She limps around the house like a frail old woman and has great trouble jumping even short distances.
- She gets cat litter stuck all over her feet. (I really don't understand this one, but it's pretty constant and never happened before the last few months.)
- When her claws get caught in something (which never used to happen), she just passively lays/sits there with her leg outstretched at an awkward angle, not even trying to extricate herself.

We wondered if the eating problems might be caused by one of her pills, since nausea is a known potential side-effect, but that particular pill is pretty crucial to preventing the old potentially fatal kidney infections, so it looks like we're going to start giving her an additional pill to prevent nausea. Sheesh! This poor cat. We're going to take her to see the vet sometime next week, just to get her checked, because it's been several months since she's been seen by a professional.

Anyone have any ideas about what to do about the seriously matted fur? I mean, scissors are an obvious solution, but that would leave her with bald patches, and I'm not sure that's preferable. Neither one would be pleasant to the petting touch, and I have no idea which would be more comfortable for her. I've asked, but she has yet to voice an opinion.

My busy busy week is now over, and tomorrow I plan to relax. Hang out with Shannon. Read some unchallenging fiction. Watch some fun tv. Wash the hair. Play some games. Let the sick old cat sit on me as much as possible while doing all of the above ... except the hair washing. That would be awkward.