January 24th, 2012


TV Stuff

Just some thoughts on what I've been watching on tv lately:

New Girl: Wow. Who would have thunk I'd love a sitcom again? It's been a very long time since I've been able to even tolerate them, but I love love love this one. Every single episode makes me laugh repeatedly. I think there is one main reason that I love it when other sitcoms turn my stomach: no one on the show is mean to anyone else. They tease each other, they play practical jokes, they tell each other when they're doing something stupid, but they don't actually hurt each other ... and certainly not intentionally. Instead, there's a sense of family and caring, even among the joking around, that often pops up in very touching scenes where everyone's really there for each other. They all have really good hearts, and I like to hang out with people like that, even if they're on the tv.

The Vampire Diaries: This show just gets better and better, as long as you define "better" in a melodramatic kind of way. I mean, it's not The Wire or Queer As Folk or even Slings and Arrows or Breaking Bad, but it's still tremendously enjoyable in a junk food kind of way. The characters are consistently interesting (and I'm so very glad Elijiah's back -- can't wait to see where that goes!), and I'm a massive sucker for Damon (played by Lost's stunningly beautiful Ian Somerhalder), because he totally fits in with my favorite kind of character: the sensitive tough guy. Even after a couple years, I still really look forward to each new episode.

The Secret Circle: Meh. It's okay. Why does absolutely everyone (or at least everyone male) fall in love with the main character? Why does she have more powerful magic than everyone else? Oh, right ... because her name is Mary Sue. Meh. But there's an unrequited love plot that keeps me watching, though I kinda hate myself for that weakness.

Alcatraz: New this season, and so I've only seen three episodes, but I'm not very impressed thus far. It's set in San Francisco (and environs), and they don't get everything right. For example, there was a scene set in the Telegraph Hill / North Beach area ... and it took place in the large parking lot of an outdoor mall, in front of a huge Walmart kind of store. Um ... there's no room for outdoor malls and huge parking lots in that part of San Francisco. In most parts of San Francisco. The malls tend to be indoors so that they can be condensed, multi-story deals. But the story is even less impressive than the setting details, because it's looking like a returnee-of-the-week kind of deal, in which they hunt down a different, unrelated, random criminal in each episode. Jorge Garcia rocks, as always, but I'm not sure he's enough to keep me watching the show.

Grimm: Talk about crappy police work. These guys say stuff like, "I'll climb over the fence into the back yard and see if I can find enough evidence to get a warrant." Um ... climbing the fence onto their property is sorta illegal, so if you're talking about warrants, then you should know that. On the other hand, I love the overall ambience of this show, the dark, creepy, fairy tale feel. I'm not sure how long I'll continue to watch this show, though. The characters are pretty superficial and the plots are unimpressive.

Once Upon A Time: Speaking of fairy tales, this one mostly sucks. The mayor/witch, Regina, is entirely one-dimensional evil, and I am tempted to roll my eyes every time she's on screen. Then they killed off my favorite character half-way through the first season. I'm mostly hanging in there in hopes that Graham will somehow return to the show, because I figure that can't be impossible in a world based on fairy tales. If not, there's always fanfic.

Lost Girl: We watched one episode, and I was pretty offended by all the camera shots of her shapely behind and her seductive walk and her impressive cleavage and and her tight tight clothes and whatnot. Okay, I get it! She's a succubus! But could she be more than an object, please? The only thing I particularly liked about the first episode was a cop character who actually seemed to have a bit of depth, but that wasn't enough to get me to watch a second episode.

Prime Suspect: Stopped watching. I can't even remember why. It just didn't grab me.

Bones: Stopped watching. The chemistry between Bones and Booth wasn't working for me anymore.

Castle: I do believe I would watch absolutely anything that starred Nathan Fillion. I think the show has been better in the past, and it's almost entirely episodic, but it's still interesting and clever and funny enough to stay on my Tivo season pass list.

The Walking Dead: Can't wait for it to come back! Come back! Come back! Who would have imagined that a zombie show, of all things, would have some of the best characterization on tv? Daryl rocks! And I mostly didn't care about Rick, even though he's kinda the main character, until his dramatic actions at the end of last season. Now I think he's a bad-ass in a sheriff's uniform, and I want to see where he goes from there.

Top Chef: Texas: I kinda loathe Grayson, though I can't exactly say why. She just seems arrogant and bitchy. Not as bitchy as Heather, who made me cheer out loud when she was kicked off, though. I mostly don't like the women contestants ("cheftestants" -- heh) this season, but I'm quite fond of Paul, Edward, and Chris Jones. Chris Jones is my vote for winner, primarily because he wears his hair in dorky ponytails so often. Gotta love a man who doesn't flinch at wearing ponytails on tv.

Cupcake Wars: Ho hum. Stopped watching. I mean, how many times can you watch people bake cupcakes?

Glee: I think I previously mentioned that I stopped watching this show several weeks ago. Maybe two months ago? It just seemed to have too much Sue and Rachel and Finn and Mr. Shue and Emma, and not enough Santana and Britney and Kurt and Blaine and Kurt's dad. And they should bring back Emma's old boyfriend, the character played by John Stamos, because he rocked. Also, they were singing all this Broadway stuff instead of the 70's, 80's, and 90's pop that initially seduced me into watching the show.

Chuck: We've been watching the third season from Netflix, and I was dubious when Chuck suddenly got all these "flash" super powers, but they've managed to incorporate the change much more entertainingly than I expected. I don't know if I like the show more since this change, but I don't necessarily like it less.

White Collar: How incredibly happy am I that White Collar is back? Extremely incredibly happy! This is one of my absolute favorite shows right now, and the season premiere was especially exciting. I just adore the relationships between the characters -- all the characters, or at least all the main ones -- and love to see them interact. The writers somehow manage to keep things fresh and interesting and never predictable. I would watch this show every day if they would find the money and inclination to film that many episodes.

In Plain Sight: Must. Have. More. In Plain Sight! The final season is slated to begin on March 16, and I can't wait.
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