January 10th, 2012

me blue hair

Media rambling and people on the street

We've been watching the first season of "Friday Night Lights" on DVD, and I am so impressed! I never would have imagined that I'd like a show that centers around a football team, but the ensemble cast are a bunch of fine actors and the characters are complex and subtle and the dialogue feels entirely true to life and the directing is often moving. I have become so emotionally involved with some of the characters that I feel what is almost like a familial love for them. There are lots of shows that I enjoy and admire and respect, but few have grabbed me on a gut level as much as FNL. I highly recommend it.

Very cool Xmas presents (bought by me for myself with money family gave me) that have arrived in the mail this week:

- Ruth Nichols' out-of-print YA fantasy novel A Walk Out of the World, which was the book I checked out most repeatedly from the Anaheim Public Library when I was in elementary school. I've wanted to buy a copy for years, but this year I finally did it. Holding it in my hands and seeing the familiar illustrations and putting it on my shelf made me very happy.

- The excellent movie Big Eden on DVD. I've seen it a few times (borrowing it from Netflix more than once), and I've wanted to watch it even more, and I've been extremely disappointed that so few clips of it are on YouTube. I finally decided that I needed to own my very own copy. Now I can watch it any time I like! The power! I'm giddy with the power!

- The excellent soundtrack from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. I love this music, especially the cover songs ("I Want You to Want Me" and "Cruel to Be Kind") performed by a band called Letters to Cleo. I just love the energy. I've wanted this soundtrack for years and have been reminded every time I watch the movie (which is also excellent), and now I have it!

I was walking downtown today and a 20-ish boy and his mom (I assume) were turning the corner, and the boy had forgotten (I assume) that he was wearing one of those paper sticky name tags on his chest. His name (apparently) was Oliver. I was so very very tempted to call cheerily, "Hi, Oliver!" as I walked past, but I decided that the poor kid looked stressed enough and I shouldn't subject him to what might be perceived as mysterious stranger mockery.

And, on a last, somewhat sadder note, I kinda hate when I'm walking down the street and I get all excited and happy because I think I see a friend somewhere up ahead on the sidewalk, and then, in the next instant, remember that that particular friend is actually dead. And my heart just comes crashing down. It happens to me re: my friend Rory about once or twice a year. Apparently, there are a lot of heavy-set, bearded, long-haired guys who wear black hats in Berkeley. I'm sure none of the others are as cool as Rory was, though. Still, in a way, it's kinda cool to have that occasional moment when he's brought so vividly to mind again. Almost like getting a hug from beyond.