January 8th, 2012


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Fighting off some kind of minor cold. Coughed a lot last night, felt very stuffy in the morning, dragged myself around all day like a zombie, avoided my favorite food group lest it contribute to the phlegm situation, and just generally lazed about with lots of fluids.

In the afternoon, though, Shannon helped me (okay, so he did most of the work, but I did hand him screws as needed) install the pole/hook thing out on the wall of our deck, so that we could hang the wind chimes I got for Christmas (see photo, though the colors are not very well represented). The hook I bought is versatile, allowing for 5 different possible angles from the wall, so I was able to hang my wind chimes such that they are readily visible through my office window. I glanced out at them frequently over the course of the sunny afternoon, and they looked gorgeous. They also chimed gently now and again in the mild breeze. I'm not sure how they'll fare in a more vigorous wind, but we'll see. I have high hopes.

And I'm feeling better this evening after my day of Extreme Rest, so I have high hopes that I'll be back to 100% tomorrow. I bought ingredients to make bread pudding when we did our grocery shopping, so I'm looking forward to the experiment.

Tomorrow our Loaner Cat (SIL Melody's baby, Tai Chi) arrives for his biannual week-long stay. I expect that our cats will be discombobulated, as always when he comes, but they seem to be more relaxed every time. Their little cat brains remember him on some level, and so he becomes less and less scary. Which is good, because their reaction to being scared was to go on the offensive, and poor Tai Chi was traumatized.