December 31st, 2011


They do dream things true

Cobweb is the dreamingest cat ever.

She used to often have nightmares (or so we assumed) which would result in her waking up suddenly, crying out in a very upset way, jumping up, and running to the nearest trusted person for comfort. I've never seen another cat do this.

Then, tonight, I was curled up on the futon couch, reading, and Cobweb was curled up beside my hip, sound asleep ... and suddenly she started making these funny noises. At first I was going to wake her up, assuming that she was having another nightmare, but then I listened and watched her, and I realized that she was making chewing motions and licking motions and she was making her happy little eating-good-food grunting noises. She was dreaming about eating! Ha! So I left her to her little kitty fantasies about Friskies and lunch meat and the catnip-flavored cat treats that are her favorite. And she just lay there beside me, munching and smacking her lips and having a fine imaginary dining experience for the next 5 minutes or so before she lapsed back into her quieter sleep.

She cracks me up.
exercise, bike

Bike Bike Baby

It was gloriously sunny weather today, after a couple weeks of mostly gray skies, and so Shannon and I decided to bike along the Ohlone Greenway up to the Bay Area Free Book Exchange in El Cerrito. I'd been planning a trip up there for a while now, primarily to donate a bunch of books (when you're doing it on a bike, you can't let the "Donate" pile get too big before making a trip), but also to look around to see if there were any books I might be able to use -- sacrilege! -- by cutting them up for collage purposes.

Unfortunately, Shannon got some drastically incorrect biking directions from Google Maps, and so we wandered El Cerrito in confusion for quite a while before we located our destination. Since we weren't sure exactly how far we were going as we searched the addresses, and the street (San Pablo) is a large and busy one, we ended up actually walking quite a bit, which was much slower than the intended biking.

But eventually we did find the Book Exchange, and I gave them a pile of books that no one wanted to buy from me but which I hope will be enjoyed by other folks for free. I also found one book I wanted to read (Kate Atkinson's Emotionally Weird) and one with a beautiful 1950s-ish watercolor cover I can't wait to cut up (something undoubtedly boring by Henry James).

We then hopped back on our bikes and headed off to Target to do our weekly grocery shopping, since we were in the same general vicinity. (According to Google Maps, whom I of course now have good reason to doubt, Target is about 4 miles away from the Book Exchange.) Grocery shopping ensued, with no exciting incidents. And then we biked home.

About halfway home, I just started to really flag and became utterly exhausted. I am far from the fitness level I would prefer, and this entire bike ride ended up amounting to around 15 miles, and by the time we got home I was just pooped.

I was thinking about taking myself out to lunch tomorrow, but almost everywhere seems to be closed, so instead I think I'll sit out on our deck with a good book (I'm still reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society when I have the time and mental energy to read anything remotely substantial.) and a big mug of ice water. No bicycles. No running around. Just ringing in the new year by chillin'.