November 29th, 2011


The Sound of Music

Have I mentioned that we have tickets to go to SF on Sunday to see "Sing-Along Sound of Music"? I am soooooooooooooo excited about this. I didn't even know that it was in town again, and when Shannon told me about it, he wasn't sure I'd want to go, but ... DUDE! It's The Sound of Music! With real live people in costumes! Wearing clothes made out of ugly green curtains! Carrying acoustic guitars! Singing along with me all the songs I've known by heart since the age of 3 or 4!

The Sound of Music is the first movie I ever remember seeing (right up there with Zeffirelli's R&J). When I was tiny (see icon), I used to arrange my stuffed animals in front of me like the von Trapp children and point at them in turn while I sang "Do-Re-Mi," indicating which of them should sing the next note, just like in the movie.

My parents' marriage was rapidly evaporating at this time (1973/1974), and TSoM had been re-released in the theaters (It originally came out in 1965.), so my mom was looking for escape, both literally (getting out of the house) and figuratively (forgetting her troubles; identifying with a jolly, supportive, singing family who were fleeing an increasingly unhappy home). The solution? She took us to see TSoM. Often. She once estimated to me that we went to see it at least once a week ... for months.

I'm pretty sure I know every word to every song, even the boring ones. I always particularly liked the song "Maria" ("But how do you make her stay, and listen to all you say? How do you keep a wave upon the sand?"), especially the word "flibbertijibbet." In fact, I'd say all my favorite songs are from early in the movie, because once Maria becomes the captain's love interest instead of the captain's wise-ass child-advocate adversary, things go downhill steadily.

I was telling Shannon, recently, about how the play Annie had all these memories attached, all these childhood reverberations ... but TSoM is that times a thousand. I'm terribly terribly excited about the Sing-Along Sound of Music, though I don't plan to sew my own outfit out of Alpine curtain fabric for the occasion. I'm not much of a seamstress, and I don't think a green curtain toga would quite give the right effect.