November 12th, 2011


Hair and Halloween costumes

My friend Andrew asked for photographic evidence of my recent hair transformation (described in this previous journal entry), so here you go:

Wacky hair
The frizzy hair This photo shows how very wacky my hair has been for the last 2 or 3 years. Not exactly beautiful!
This is my hair. This is my hair on anti-frizz serum. Any questions?
This is my hair. This is my hair on anti-frizz serum. Any questions? Much better, no? This is a photo Shannon took of me this morning. I'm still learning to apply the goo, so the frizz is not entirely eradicated, but it's significantly better.

And now, for a bonus picture, check out my Halloween costume:

Super Writer!
Super Writer! My Halloween costume for 2011. Things to notice: 1. the Superman-inspired insignia on the front, which includes a pencil that was ... um ... *borrowed* from the LJ logo 2. the tiny yellow old-style pencil sharpener dangling at my left hip 3. a spiral notebook hanging by a carabiner, because you never know when you might need to unexpectedly write something! 4. a friggin' shitload of pens and pencils, including one in my hair! 5. a water bottle, also suspended by a carabiner -- nothing to do with writing, but even writers get thirsty 6. the brightest orange socks in the world, complete with jack-o-lantern faces that become oddly warped when worn. These socks cost $1. Woo hoo!