September 13th, 2011

art crayons

You'll always know your neighbor -- you'll always know your pal


- Went to the art room at CWC for about 90 minutes in the morning, where I worked on my current art project (which involves making about 20 collage postcards), talked with the various people who were there, tried a few different glue options (resulting in my eventual return to my original, habitual choice of Yes! paste), helped another woman get started on a postcard project (she was apparently inspired when I talked about mine), and finished the first postcard in my batch. I'm figuring that a significant number of these postcards will get discarded by the time I'm done, because I will decide some don't make the metaphorical cut, but it feels good to be on my way.

- Did a bunch more collage-related work at home: going through my collage materials to pull out the stuff that looked useful for the current project, paging through magazines to look for more useful images, creating some text-as-graphic files on my computer, and various other stuff.

- Did lots of laundry. While performing the always exciting task of folding clothes, I rewatched last season's "Vampire Diaries" finale to get me amped up for this season's premiere, which airs later this week. I sorta fell out of TVD fandom after the season finale -- lost interest in fic, stopped reading the communities -- so I'm curious to see if this new season will suck me back in. (Um ... no pun intended ... you know ... with the "suck" ... and the vampires ... never mind.) If nothing else, it means I'll once again get to spend an hour each week staring at Ian Somerhalder. Holy mackerel! This guy didn't appeal to me at all on "Lost," but when playing Damon Salvatore he's hot like nothing else I've ever seen!

- Struggled with Netflix, which seems to have totally fubarred their sub-account system. From my sub-account, I can no longer conduct searches, for example ... and therefore cannot search for something and then add it to my queue. Apparently, I can now only add things to my queue if they are recommended to me by Netflix itself. No free thinking for you, young lady! I spoke to the Netflix folks about this on the phone yesterday, and they professed complete ignorance of the problem (which seemed odd, since it's been going on for months), but today I was looking for ways around the problem so I don't just have to wait an eternity for their tech guys to fix whatever they broke. I tried a great many things, but nothing worked. I ended up by admitting defeat (while cursing Netflix soundly). They've basically made their sub-account system entirely unusable. Um ... aren't we still paying money for this service?

- Took a brief walk downtown with Shannon in the afternoon, and sang to him a significant portion of the "Erie Canal" song, which I thought every American child learned in elementary school. Shannon had never heard it before, so I felt compelled to serenade him with the fascinating tale of Sal the 19th Century Mule and his barges full of lumber, coal, and hay. Shannon had apparently never even heard the refrain: "Low bridge, everybody down. Low bridge 'cause we're comin' to a town." I was amazed. We learned a lot of old songs like this in my elementary school. We didn't have a music teacher, but at a certain time every week we would spend some time staring up at a tv set that played music while displaying lyrics, and we were expected to sing along. (I remember particularly liking "On the Sunny Side of the Street" in 6th grade.)

- Felt horribly horribly betrayed by my newly updated Firefox 6.0 when I quit the program and it didn't ask me if I wanted to save all my tabs. Just -- bam! -- they were all gone. I spent some time figuring out how to fix it so that it won't happen again, though it still doesn't ask me; I just found out how to make it always restore the previous tabs.

- Played a game of San Juan with Shannon, which was very cool. I haven't played that game in a very long time -- a few years, probably -- and so I felt like I was struggling to remember how to play, but it was sorta like having coffee with a friend you've lost touch with. Familiar, but not.

- Other stuff. I don't remember what. It seems like I was on the run all day long. No time to read, no time to watch much tv (except while going through collage materials or folding laundry), no time to just chill.

So maybe I'll spend some time chilling tomorrow. I'm busy in the morning, but the afternoon is wide open. I predict that I may even permit myself a nap.