August 26th, 2011

angry, angry Elmer Fudd

Public bathroom gripes (yes, I write journal entries only about SERIOUS BUSINESS)

Today I thought of another thing that should go on my list of stuff I don't like: auto-flushing toilets. Collapse )

Seriously ... is there some kind of skill involved in using these damn things? Am I missing something?

Also: I abhor bathrooms that give you only one option for drying your hands: the air blower. I mean, yes, I could stand there for an hour until my hands were dry, but I've got things to do! Maybe if they had a little tv above the air dryer or something. Sheesh! When faced with this problem, I generally give up and pat my hands all up and down my jeans, so that I don't leave a big ol' visible wet handprint in any one particular spot, but my jeans end up slightly damp all over, and my hands end up slightly drier. Sub-optimal ... but better than spending my afternoon in front of the air blower!
me blue hair

Alas poor Kimberly -- I knew her well, Horatio!

New icon. This is the same basic sketch of myself I've been drawing since high school -- I used to draw it at the end of letters and such -- except now my hair's a bit wilder. Check out the dark eyebrows! Totally accurate. I am not, however, a disembodied floating head.

My arms continue to hurt. Dagnub it! I've been trying to rest them as much as possible, but apparently I'm still using them too much. I just don't like sitting around doing nothing! Must ... do ... nothing!

I've been trying to scrounge up some extra money, so yesterday I went to a local bank and tried to exchange a £5 note (from one of my various travels in the U.K.) which I've had up on my corkboard for about a million years. I figured, "What kind of joy am I getting out of this £5 note? And what kind of joy could I get out of $7.50?" But the bank wouldn't take my £5 note, because it's too old. Rejected! I came home and put the scrap of paper back up on my corkboard. Le sigh.

I also took some old-but-nice clothes and shoes which I no longer want (for various reasons) to Crossroads to see if I could sell anything (Note: Shannon carried the bag, as I am trying not to do such stuff.), but my entire bag of stuff was spurned and rejected by their buyers. Le sigh.

So I have acquired no additional money. Poor me! Get it? Poor me?