August 25th, 2011


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- washed my hair in a lukewarm shower (out of respect for my inflamed wrists)

- iced my arms (with ice packs, not with sugary icing) several times over the course of the day, about every 2 hours

- stopped by the library to return some books and check out a few others

- shopped online for sandals that actually have arch support, because my flip-flops have been killing my feet since I've been going for these daily long walks. I don't like wearing proper shoes, because my feet feel all stuffy and hot and claustrophobic, but sandals don't tend to be the best choice for extensive walking. I don't have the money to buy what I want right now, but at least now I found some stuff that looks good. Birkenstocks (a few different pairs of which I've owned in the past and loved) and Orthaheel seem to be excellent solutions.

- sorted through some old clothes that were packed up in bins in the garage, deciding that some of them actually weren't worth keeping

- stopped by Crossroads Trading Co. (used clothing store) to drop off a big bag of clothes and shoes (mostly stuff from when I was size 3, because that really isn't a healthy weight for me and I don't plan to strive for it again -- as I was explaining to Shannon today, I hadn't previously worn that size clothing since junior high school, before I hit my teens) to see if they want to buy any of it. I could use the money. I need to go back tomorrow or Friday to find out their decision. Shannon was a great help, because he was going to the UPS Store this afternoon, which is right next door to Crossroads, and so I walked with him and he carried my bag o' clothes, thus sparing my arms. What a gentleman!

- listened to Shannon read aloud one of the chapters I remember best from Louise Erdrich's excellent novel Love Medicine. It's funny how, even in a novel that has a big impact on you, some chapters don't stick in your mind at all ... but others are as clear as when you read them for the first time.

- napped for an hour after Shannon read to me. I often feel extremely sleepy after he has read aloud, and today I just couldn't fight it anymore. Zzzzz. This was the first nap I've had in 3 days, though.

- went through my filing cabinet and did some housekeeping, getting rid of old paperwork I no longer need. Like, I don't need every single award letter I got re: my financial aid when I was an undergrad more than 20 years ago. I don't need every single receipt for every single one of Cobweb's medications over the last couple years. I don't need the info re: our first mortgage, more than 10 years ago, since we've had our mortgage with two different other banks since then. Basically, what's with all the unnecessary records? Throw 'em out!

- did 3 loads of laundry

- did dishes

- checked out this funny blog my photographer brother-in-law mentioned on Facebook: You Are Not a Photographer, devoted to really embarrassingly crappy photos by people who call themselves professionals. There were a frightening number of pictures of pregnant women. What, do pregnant women have a higher likelihood of asking bad photographers to shoot them (in an artistic sense)?

- watched part of a "Top Chef: Just Desserts" marathon, because I've never watched it before (I was afraid it would make me constantly hungry for dessert) and the new season started tonight. I'm not sure how many hours I watched today -- maybe 6? -- because I was doing my sorting/filing of paperwork part of the time, and folding laundry part of the time, and just generally not giving the tv my full attention. But pastries = pretty!

- researched whether anyone in the world might get some additional use out of my wedding dress (since I sincerely doubt I will find occasion to wear it again), but the answer seems to be no. It's a pale green bridesmaid's dress, really, pretty simple, purchased more than 11 years ago. What does one do with such a garment? I mean ... I don't want to just shove it in the garbage! It's a perfectly functional garment! Perhaps I will make some more calls. Perhaps someone could use the fabric or something.

- really wanted to read one of the books I got at the library today, but I was too busy with getting stuff done!