August 23rd, 2011

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I went for a 90-minute walk today, about an hour of which was spent with my friend Herrick. We just meandered down College Avenue, trying to stay in the shade as much as possible (temps were in the low 80's today and the sun was very bright), chatting about random stuff: poetry, our separate experiences traveling in Wales, the benefits of pilates, the relative merits of ice cream and frozen yogurt, our favorite kinds of ethnic food, etc., etc., etc. It was nice to get to hang around without a crowd, as this was our first time getting together away from CLC.

I'm seriously struggling to avoid napping the last couple days, but I've been managing it. *yawn* I want to sleep so very badly!

My Current Obsessions

  1. email -- Do I even need to mention email? I check my email maybe 50 times a day, if you count the times I just glance up at the appropriate Firefox tab to see if the tab text has changed to indicate new mail.
  2. LiveJournal (duh!) -- I check it maybe 3 times a day. I want to know what you guys are up to!
  3. walking -- Not a new obsession, but perhaps more avidly pursued right now. I'm trying to walk a lot to (a) get in better shape and (b) help keep me from falling asleep. So I've been writing lists all over the house, lists of at-least-slightly-interesting places I could walk to. I like to manage one 5-6 mile continuous trek each day, in addition to the usual shorter walks to run errands and such.
  4. eggs -- Oh, my beloved eggs! How I wish I could partake of you more often! Yeah, I massively ration eggs in my diet these days, ever since I discovered that egg whites give me serious digestive difficulties, but I devote a significant amount of time each week to deciding where my egg allotment should come from. If I splurge with an omelette on Saturday, can I still have pad thai on Thursday, or will that be too much egg? I'm constantly weighing how much I desire particular foods, considering how much egg they contain, considering how much *other* egg I've eaten recently, and deciding which things I will choose to eat on any particular day. But it seems to be working, because I almost never get sick now.
  5. "In Plain Sight" Mary/Marshall fic (preferably with some angst and a happy ending) -- This is my current fanfic obsession. I'm not really reading others, though I do occasionally pop onto the page for the "Covert Affairs" Auggie/Annie pairing for a look see.
  6. Questionable Content webcomic -- I've read the first 664 ... um ... panels? pages? frames? (I have no idea what to call an individual, multi-panel posting of a webcomic.), but there are 1,331 more to go. I'm now reading only a couple each day, because I think I burned myself out a bit after reading 100 or more a day for a while there, after I first discovered QC.
  7. USA Today free crossword puzzles -- I do maybe 3 each day. They're relatively easy, and I'm always able to finish them, but that's what I like from a crossword puzzle. Make me work for it, but don't completely stump me. I hate not being able to finish a crossword puzzle. I feel like such a failure!
  8. "Dexter" Season 5 from Netflix -- I would probably watch an episode every day if I didn't have that pesky Netflix mailing thing to deal with. Gotta mail them the disk I just watched, then wait a couple days for them to send me the next disk. But I want to know what happened! I don't want to wait days and days! Sadly, Season 5 is not available on streaming.
  9. writing reviews on Yelp! -- The last time I was at Ohmega Salvage, the employee who helped me suggested (when I told him how great the place was) that I write a review on Yelp!, so I did. Then I became drunk with the power to tell everyone in the world everything I think about our local restaurants, stores, cafes, and whatever. So I'm writing reviews of everything I care about (good or bad), secure in the knowledge that my ramblings will find interested readers out there.
  10. the card game Dominion -- Yes, it's been an obsession for a few years now, but so has email, right?
  11. this limited edition flavor of Ben and Jerry's ice cream: Fair Goodness Cake ("Chocolate Ice Cream with German Chocolate Cake Pieces & a Coconut Caramel Swirl") -- I haven't eaten that much of it (only a couple pints over the last couple months), but it's amazing, and so I think often of whether I want to walk to the store and buy some. 99% of the time, I decide to save my money, but I'd say it still definitely qualifies as one of my current obsessions.

And, in closing, I will share that I think today I may have succeeded in removing the pesky splinter in the arch of my right foot. This tiny damned thing has been frequently annoying me with sharp pains for more than a year ... maybe more than two years! As an avid walker, I've gotta tell you that a splinter on the arch of the foot is a pain in the ... foot. Every time I tried to find and remove the bugger over the last couple years, I had no success ... and yet it never just dissolved and got absorbed into my body, either. It didn't hurt *all* the time, but when it decided to make itself known, walking became almost impossible. Grrr! So today I made an appointment to see a doctor to have *them* remove it (which seems ridiculous overkill for a *splinter*, but I was starting to think it was the only option), after which I got a pair of tweezers and really went to town on the tender arch of my foot. I think the blasted thing is gone now ... I can't seem to locate it and cause myself pain ... but I'm currently reserving judgment. This splinter has been very sneaky in the past, so I will just wait and see. But I've canceled my doctor appointment, just in case.