August 19th, 2011

me blue hair

Mousse and Squirrel

I hung out with Lisa most of today (10 a.m. - 5 p.m. or so), including 7 or 8 games of Dominion. We were gorging! I lost all but 1 of the games ... and the one I didn't lose ended in a tie. Egad! I've lost my Dominion mojo!

I also spent much of the day trying to remember Bob Hoskins' name. I hate it when that happens! We were talking about the 2000 Bullwinkle film (because while we played Dominion Lisa was also making chocolate mousse for a party she'll be attending tomorrow), and she asked who played Boris in the film, and I couldn't remember the actor's name. It was driving me crazy! So I looked it up online, and saw that Jason Alexander played Boris. WTF? Okay, I trust IMDB, but that just seemed wrong to me. So I was trying to remember the name of the actor I had previously thought had played Boris. It bugged me all frickin' day! IMDB was no help whatsoever!

But then, just a few minute ago, after some 7 hours of wracking my brain, I remembered Bob Hoskins. Wouldn't he have made a great Boris Badenov? Way better than Jason Alexander. With Anjelica Huston as Natasha. I should be a casting agent. Maybe in my next life.