August 9th, 2011

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Books I Want to Read

I have a tendency to scribble notes to myself when I hear or read about books that sound interesting, and today I decided that it was silly that I was keeping track of this stuff on random little scraps of paper, instead of having them all in one place I could consult when I'm wondering what to get next from the library. So, without further ado, I give you my "Books I Want to Read" master list. (This list doesn't include any of the gazillion books that I already own but have not yet read. It's more of a reminder list.)

Comments on any of these books and/or additional recommendations are more than welcome!

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Whew! Those should keep me busy for a while!

Cobweb luvin' the sunshine

Now that we have a screen door on the doorway between my office and the new deck, I can leave the door open without worrying about curious kitties accidentally leaping to their deaths. Old Lady Cobweb -- 16 years old, arthritic, possibly slightly senile -- is loving the open door, feeling the outdoors through the screen. She hasn't had access to a screen door since she was only a few years old.

Cobweb enjoying the new deck Cobweb enjoying the new deck

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You learn something new every day

So I was watching this true crime tv show today (I think it was "Cold Case Files."), and one of the law enforcement guys involved in the case said that he didn't want to speak "braggadociously" ... and I loved the word so much that I immediately wrote it down, then rewound to hear him say it again. Braggadociously! It sounds like something a surfer would say: "Dude, I don't want to speak braggadociously, but my surfing is bodacious!"

I was sure this must be a neologism created by this individual guy, but upon further research I found several websites that apparently considered it a real word and offered definitions ("boastful," as one might guess). The word is not in Webster's, so I'm not sure how well accepted it is, but I love it. It sounds like it should be in a Mary Poppins song.