May 17th, 2011

rain, Totoro

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Rain rain rain. It's not too bad, though. I was out walking a lot today, and I kept dry under my umbrella.

Had my boobies squashed today (mammogram). I got into a great conversation with my booby squasher (Delores), all about the history of mammogram machines, and about which ones can handle above a C cup, and about how different women react emotionally to the whole process, etc. I mean, if a stranger's gonna be grabbing my naked boobs, we may as well make conversation, right?

I also got into a conversation with one of the other squashees as we sat in the waiting room in our hospital gowns. She was wearing these fabulous rainbow socks and really weird shoes. Our primary topic was the rather frigid temperature in the waiting room, which seemed to bother her a lot. I speculated that perhaps they were trying to make sure that we didn't sweat, since none of us ladies was supposed to wear deodorant to the appointment. I mean, that could get ugly quick if the room was warm.

After I was thoroughly squashed, I walked up to the ultra-neato East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, which is only about 10 blocks away. I should definitely go there more often. They had all kinds of interesting stuff, and I ended up buying some wooden storage-type thingies for my new office.

Speaking of which, I am madly in love with my new office! I've been spending lots of time in here, nesting. It's very cozy.