May 12th, 2011


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We now have a truly completed garage! Ting's guy finished the cement floor today, and it looks great. If the cement is dry enough (which we aren't sure about, since the garage doesn't have much ventilation and we don't want to leave the door open until the cement is dry enough to deter college kids who want to scrawl stuff on our property for posterity), Shannon's step-dad (Bob) will come up this weekend and help us put in a bunch of shelves ... and then we can move all kinds of crap out into our fabulous, wonderful, incredibly useful new garage! Thus far, we've mostly only been using it for our bikes, but soon it will be chock full o' boxes of comic books, bins of art supplies and winter clothes, etc. ... and we will suddenly have tons of closet space! Woo hoo!

Tonight Shannon and I did more moving of furniture, books, and other random items, and we now have a "family room" upstairs. (We also did tons and tons of sweeping. How does so much dust -- truly disgusting amounts -- accumulate *underneath* bookcases? I find this baffling.) The furniture (futon couch and bookcases, mostly) is all in place in the "family room" (perhaps eventually I will be able to use that phrase without quote marks, but that day has not yet arrived), but there is still a lot of other random crap in there (artwork to be re-hung on different walls, Shannon's electric piano keyboard, some bookcases that need new homes, many books that also need new homes, etc.), waiting for us to finish finding places for stuff. Shannon plans to reorganize his office next, and some of the bookcases will go in there, and some of the stuff will eventually go into the garage, but we are currently still in a state of flux.

I've been enjoying rearranging the house, but Shannon says he's feeling some residual tension because of past furniture-movings that did not go so well. I have been known to be rather cranky in the past when hauling heavy stuff around, especially when stairs are involved, and I know neither of us enjoyed a lot of those times. This situation reminds me a little bit of playing Carcassonne with Shannon, because I used to be very sensitive to aggressive competition (several years ago), and so I sometimes got my feelings hurt when Shannon did something "mean," and so the game stopped being fun for him. Now I'm much more comfortable with screwing people over (and being screwed over) in ways encouraged by game mechanics, and I don't take it personally, but Shannon still can't really enjoy playing Carcassonne with me. Poor baby has been traumatized. I hope eventually he will recover from these bad experiences.

We've had some cloudy days recently, but today was lovely and sunny, and all the orange poppies were open and shining. It made me smile. (For the last few days, all the poppies stayed furled all day long, like little upside down unused umbrellas.) All the wisteria and irises have been blooming lately, too. And all the tea roses are out, smelling amazing. Looks like spring!

I had a bit of a shock today, because I found out our checking account was overdrawn! Doh! This seems to be because I used the wrong check book to pay some large amounts recently (dentist and vet, primarily), so I'm feeling a bit chagrined. I knew that I was supposed to use the other checkbook for large amounts, but I was never quite sure of the exact definition of "large amounts," and Shannon seemed reluctant to be more specific when I asked. Now, prompted by overdraft badness, he's been more specific, and I don't expect such problems to arise again. I'm glad things are clearer now. Communication rocks.

I'm totally addicted to "In Plain Sight" Mary/Marshall fic these days. If anyone wants any recommendations, let me know. I'm extremely fond of both characters, in very different ways. Mary appeals to my love of sarcasm, and Marshall appeals to my love of geekdom. Plus, there's the whole unrequited love thing ... and I'm (as always) a sucker for unrequited (or *apparently* unrequited) love, especially if it includes secret pining.

[For reference re: my affection for unrequited love stories, just see "The Vampire Diaries" (Damon/Elena), "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (Buffy/Spike), "Veronica Mars" (Logan/Veronica), "Queer as Folk" (Brian/Justin), "Inuyasha" (IY/Kagome), "Moonlighting" (David/Maddie), Edmund Rostand's play Cyrano de Bergerac (Cyrano/Roxanne), Robin Hobb's Farseer Trilogy (Fitz/Fool), "Babylon 5" (Delenn/Lennier), the play Twelfth Night (Viola/Orsino), the book Persuasion (Anne/Frederick), Ursula Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness (Ai/Estraven), the film Sabrina (Linus/Sabrina), the novel and film Like Water for Chocolate (Pedro/Tita), the film Big Eden (Henry/Pike), My Own Private Idaho (Mike/Scott), Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Horrible/Penny), Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy (Katniss/Peeta), "The West Wing" (Donna/Josh), "Dawson's Creek" (Dawson/Joey), "Felicity" (Felicity/Noel), "Dollhouse" (Echo/Ballard), Stieg Larsson's Girl Who ... trilogy (Mikael/Lisbeth), Anne of Green Gables (Anne/Gilbert), "NCIS" (Abby/McGee), the anime series "Honey and Clover" (Hagu/Takemoto), Pride and Prejudice (Darcy/Lizzie), the comics series Fables (Bigby/Snow in the early issues), "Angel" (Wes/Fred), the old cartoon adaptation of "X-Men" (Gambit/Rogue), the indie film Good Dick (the two main characters, whose names are never mentioned), "Battlestar Galactica" (Starbuck/Apollo), etc., etc., etc.]

Tomorrow, Katherine and I are going to Lovejoy's for afternoon tea, and I can't wait. I haven't seen her in a few weeks, and I haven't been to Lovejoy's in about a decade! Scones, clotted cream, lemon curd, petits fours, and cucumber sandwiches, here we come!