March 26th, 2011

both cats

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I've been accomplishing very little today:

- Called out for Chinese food (Hunan chicken, kung pao shrimp, hot and sour soup, brown rice), in hopes that the spiciness would help with my stuffed up nose, but nothing tasted spicy to me. I also put some Taco Bell "Fire" sauce (which I found in a kitchen drawer) on my breakfast, but that didn't taste hot to me, either. I think the congestion has deadened my taste buds.

- Watched some of The Bourne Identity, but kept falling asleep. I still love the fight scenes and stunts. Jason Bourne: yet another example of my love for sensitive tough guys.

- Read a little bit (i.e., a few pages) of a YA novel (called Aces Up, by Lauren Barnholdt, who has written some other YA books I liked) which I've borrowed from the library. It's about a girl who gets involved in an illegal, math-related poker scam, which reminds me a bit of the movie 21 (based on a real-life blackjack scam). My head didn't seem much up to reading, though, even YA fiction, so I went back to gazing semi-consciously at Jason Bourne's adventures with a box of Kleenex close at hand.

- Biked to Safeway with Shannon to buy groceries. It isn't too far (maybe 2 miles), so I didn't think it would be too tiring, and it was nice to get out into the fresh air, get a bit of exercise, and get something constructive accomplished. What is more primal than the urge to bring home food for the family? So I beat my congested breast with pride over the purchase of frozen dinners, cat food, and whole wheat bagels. I must admit, though, that the voyage through the grocery store was a bit psychedelic and delirious. Kinda like walking around on a merry-go-round surrounded by food, with shopping carts and indecisive people as randomly placed obstacles.

- Sat with Cobweb on the couch. She has seemed very lethargic the past few days, and hasn't been interested in food. The vet says she may be experiencing nausea a lot of the time, as it is common with the sort of medical problems she's been having, but we opted not to give her yet *more* medication to deal with that problem quite yet. If she continues to be "off her feed," we may have to change our minds, but right now we're hoping she'll start feeling better soon. Today was her 16th birthday, so that's supposed to be around 80 human years. At least she isn't wearing blue wigs and too much perfume, like many human ladies of that age. She might look kinda cute in a blue wig, though.

- Played a game of Dominion with Shannon, though my brain was fairly addled. Still, it just wouldn't be Saturday without at least one game of Dominion!

- Contemplated what to do for my birthday, which is Monday. (Shannon will be working.) I'm considering heading down to Oakland Chinatown for some takeaway dim sum (dim sum in a restaurant by myself just wouldn't be the same), then going to see the movie Paul at Jack London Square. Other possibilities on my list: La Note, Zachary's Pizza, dog park, Dominion, museums, Tilden. I'm trying not to be too ambitious, though, since I'm currently having trouble even leaving the house without collapsing in the street. Still, I like to do something fun on my birthday. If I'm still really sick, I'll just have to come up with fun stuff to do at home, I guess. Maybe I could make jook. Not high on the "fun" scale, I know, but jook always sounds really good when I'm sick ... and yet, when I'm sick I never want to cook something that takes hours. What kind of crazy person does that?