March 6th, 2011

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The rain mostly held off today. Hurrah! But it's raining right now, and it is expected to continue tomorrow. I have places I want to go (including Sweet Dreams, where I intend to buy more cool socks -- I seem to have a decorative sock addiction these days), but I will see whether I feel like venturing out into the dreaded H2O falling from the sky.

Lisa and I went to brunch at Liaison, a French bistro where I gathered a few close friends for my birthday a couple years ago (because it was the only nearby restaurant that served normal old, plain old, traditional crème brûlée without any added ginger or chocolate or other adulteration). I ordered the omelette jambon (omelette w/ham and Emmental cheese, with potatoes Lyonnaises), which was one of my favorite things to order when I was in Paris. (I don't generally see a lot of Emmental cheese in California restaurants, but it's very common in France. It's one of my favorites, along with Gruyère.) Liaison has a very French kind of menu, and I love it. Lisa ordered escargot and offered to let me try it, but I politely declined. Blech! She also ordered a terrine that looked kinda like this, and she offered to let me try that, as well, but I thought it looked disturbingly like Spam, which looks disturbingly like the low quality "9 Lives" canned food we sometimes give our cats. I wasn't really too psyched to eat cat food, even if it *was* French, so I once again declined. Lisa seemed very happy with her unusual meat choices.

Shannon parked his bike in our brand spanking new garage tonight. It was so exciting! My bike, though, is still in the living room. I just haven't been around enough the past couple days to get around to hauling it out there.

In the evening, Shannon and I went to buy groceries, but we feared the predicted rain, so we didn't bike to the more distant grocery stores and instead just went to our nearby Andronico's (expensive yuppie grocery store), where we almost never go anymore, and we were shocked at how much it has changed in the couple months since we were last there! About 1/3 of the store is now devoted to wine. I'm not exaggerating. Wine, wine, everywhere! They'd gotten rid of significant amounts of *food* shelves, in order to sell more wine. For example, they've gotten rid of about 1/4 their frozen food space. And they'd drastically rearranged everything. It was all very disturbing.

A few people have emailed me to ask about my beloved desk since I advertised it on Craig's List, and someone is coming over to see it (and probably drive away with it) tomorrow evening. Hurray!

I was poking around on Amazon recently, checking out their jewelry (because I'd never looked at it before), and I found that the stuff I liked (like this and this) mostly looked like stuff I could buy from a street vendor on Telegraph Avenue, where it would most likely be about a thousand times cheaper. So when the rain lets up and the street vendors emerge from their capitalist caves, perhaps I will wander around Telegraph some weekend and buy myself some hippyish accessories. Because yeah, I guess I'm kinda a hippy. In fact, one of my ex-boyfriends used to call me his "beautiful hippy girlfriend." But I think that was just to differentiate me from his *other* girlfriend. :)