March 4th, 2011

angry, angry Elmer Fudd

Annoying people in cars

One thing that really bugs me is those people who cut me off (when I'm crossing the street on foot or on my bike), narrowly missing me, and smile and wave (perhaps this intended to be an apology?) like we're friends, like they aren't being total assholes. Dude. Smiling and waving doesn't make it okay. You still suck.
me, me without glasses


Aha! I finally got out there and took some photos of the garage! And while I was at it, I took some random other photos, too, just to share my life with y'all a bit. So here goes!

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Socks! Socks!
These are the socks I'm wearing today. They have fish on them that look like the fish I drew when I was a kid. At the top of the socks, where you can't see in this picture, it says, "smile - be happy." And, indeed, these socks make me happy.

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