February 20th, 2011

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I've been sleeping better lately, which is a relief. When I told Shannon this, he commented that that's probably why *he* has been sleeping better, too. But this morning I was woken by Lucy climbing all over me, kneading, and purring. It's not an entirely unpleasant way to wake up, though at the time I was thinking, "Ack! I want to sleep!"

While I passed time this morning, waiting for Shannon to wake up, I started reading Jonathan Franzen's recent critically acclaimed novel, Freedom. I'm reading it for my book group, and it's interesting me so far. I'm not terribly far into it, but thus far it seems very character driven, and that's usually something that pulls me in.

Shannon and I biked to Target today and got lots of cheap food. The juice I especially like (Ocean Spray Fruit & Veggie juice) was more than a dollar cheaper there than at Safeway! It was very exciting. I'm easily pleased.

At Target, I bought some Nutella, because I figured it's something decadent and sweet, but which I can eat with fruit, spread on wheat toast, etc. Easy, tasty, and not too bad for me.

I've been feeling a bit more cheerful today, possibly because the rain has stopped temporarily and I was able to get out in the sunshine and exercise and make some Vitamin D. The Ohlone Greenway was very busy with dog walkers and joggers, though we didn't see many other bicyclists. Also, the streets were unusually crowded with cars. Perhaps everyone was on their way to somewhere green and leafy to enjoy the fine weather?

After Target, we had lunch while watching an episode of the British tv series "Robin Hood." It was a rather shocking episode, but I'd been spoiled for the big plot event somewhere online when I was looking for general info about the show and the actors. Ah well. I don't mind much when I get spoiled for shows in which I'm not terribly invested, but getting spoiled for "Buffy" plot turns was rather traumatic, back in the day. I actually unfriended someone on LJ for being insensitive about spoilers, because I felt that he was showing a lack of respect for his readers.

We've abandoned the terrible Robin Hobb book I've been mentioning here lately, and we're reading some Harry Dresden short stories, instead. The Harry Dresden stuff is genre writing (urban fantasy), and it's not high literature, but it's pretty amazing how much better the writing is than that Robin Hobb novel. Sheesh!

Tomorrow Shannon is taking the day off work, but he plans to work a full day on his spare-time project, his history of the roleplaying industry. So it won't be much different than any other Monday around here. I'm hoping to get out and do some serious walking (at least 5 miles), since the forecast predicts another day of sunshine.