January 13th, 2011

me blue hair

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Rain today. I wanted to just laze around the house like a bum, but instead I headed out on foot, and the rain mostly spared me. It misted on me just enough, though, to inspire my hair to frizz out like that of Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Let's do the Time Warp again ...

I walked about 2 miles, down to Rockridge, stopping at various points to run errands, and eventually found myself so exhausted that I decided to take the bus most of the way home! That's *very* unlike me. Normally, a few miles of walking doesn't wind me at all. I found it rather frustrating, especially when I was waiting and waiting for a bus, and I kept thinking, "If I wasn't so tired, I could've walked home by now!"

So I figure maybe I've still got some lingering crud from the New Years Plague. Shannon commented that I sounded bad again last night (coughing, I imagine), so that might seem to be further proof. Well, I guess I'll take it easy these next couple days. I wouldn't want to relapse and be sick when we go to Hawai'i!

Speaking of Hawai'i, Melody (my SIL) and her boyfriend Jared are flying home from Kaua'i tonight, and will be coming by to pick up their cat in a few hours. Tai Chi has fallen *madly* in love with Shannon on this visit, but I'm sure he will be happy to go home with his mom. He's a very sweet cat, but rather timid, and I'm sure he'll be deliriously happy to be miles and miles away from Lucifer the Psychotic Devil Kitten.

Shannon and I are almost finished reading Louise Erdrich's Four Souls, and I have really really loved it. It wouldn't make any sense without reading Tracks first, and I didn't like Tracks nearly as well (as it focused largely on a very unpleasant character), but in the long run it was worth it. Erdrich's portrait of Native American culture always interests me, and she tends to inject her novels with a lot of sly humor. Four Souls, in particular, is largely from the perspective of an old Ojibwe man -- Nanapush -- who is a very funny, charming, and yet often somewhat melancholic trickster figure. I have been cracking up repeatedly while we've been reading the sections in his point of view. Nanapush rocks.